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3466Fundamental Rights of Judokas must be protected - Goa RTI Forum

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  • Sandeep Heble
    Oct 6, 2013
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      Fundamental Rights of Judokas must be protected - Goa RTI Forum

      Press Note Oct 6, 2013

      The Goa RTI Forum fully supports the Goan Judokas in their protest
      against the undemocratic actions by the Goa Judo Association and
      hereby passes the following Resolution:

      That seeking legal recourse and constitutional remedies is the right
      of every citizen of our country and no unethical, illegal or arbitrary
      action must be taken against the young Judokas for exercising their
      fundamental rights.

      That Associations must form grievance redress mechanisms and
      arbitration cells to deal with player grievances and young players
      must not be hauled up in the absence of such mechanisms within the

      That free and fair trial must be held in all the categories and
      players who are eligible to participate as per association/ federation
      rules must all be allowed to attend such trials without any

      That a clear set of guidelines and practices must be evolved to ensure
      that the brightest prospects are selected and trained to represent the

      That sports administrators are there to serve the sports persons and
      not to rule over them. That further, in managing the associations,
      there must be no place for autocracy, manipulations, partisanship and
      power politics and that the rights, interests and aspirations of the
      players must be upheld and enforced at all times.