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3463No restriction on probables: SAG

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  • Sandeep Heble
    Sep 27, 2013
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      No restriction on probables: SAG

      The Sports Authority of Goa(SAG) has launched an investigation to
      verify claims that one of their officers sent threatening texts to
      Lusofonia Games probables asking them not to participate in the State
      Basketball championship, organised by the Goa Basketball Association.

      The basketball scenario is fluid at the moment with the GBA and the
      newly formed Association of Goan Basketball at loggerheads over
      control of basketball in the state. The AGB in a press note asked
      Lusofonia Games probables " to refrain from participating in any
      tournament other than that organised by the AGB."

      But what has irked GBA President Fr Ralin De Souza, according to his
      complaint to the SAG, is the "text messages and threatening calls to
      Lusofonia probables to dissuade them from participating."

      "I can confirm that the SAG has issued no such diktat or order,
      restraining the Lusofonia Games probables from participating in the
      State Basketball Championship," said SAG executive director Sandip

      "If at all someone has sent a message across to the Lusofonia
      probables, it's not an official one. I will investigate," said

      The SAG executive director, however, felt that there should be just
      one body to govern the sport in the state.

      "There should be one organisation which will control the game in the
      name of the game. I believe there should be a consensus among the
      (two) groups. Two associations don't do the game any good," he said.

      The Goa Basketball Association has received backing from the
      Basketball Federation of India giving them the right to govern the
      sport in the state, while the Association of Goan Basketball got
      temporary affiliation from the Goa Olympic Association which raised
      quite a few eye-brows in basketball circles.

      Times of India Goa, Friday, September 27, 2013 edition