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3461Official nod for Goa Basketball Association(GBA) - Recognised Body Must Handle Event: BFI

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  • Sandeep Heble
    Sep 20, 2013
      Official nod for GBA
      Recognised Body Must Handle Event: BFI

      Panaji: The Basketball Federation of India has broken its silence and
      confirmed that the Goa Basketball Association – headed by Fr Ralin De
      Souza – is the sole recognized body that has been granted permanent

      Goan Basketball, for the moment, is in a state of flux as two bodies -
      Goa Basketball Association headed by Fr Ralin De Souza and Association
      of Goan Basketball led by Dinesh Sinari – are jostling for control of
      the sport. Much of these doubts, however, are likely to be cleared
      after BFI Deputy CEO Prem Pal Singh strongly wrote to Sports Authority
      of Goa executive director Sandip Jacques.

      “The GBA is responsible for the control, regulation and promotion of
      the game in Goa and to select the teams for participation in all
      National events under the aegis of BFI or any other All India level
      tournament registered by BFI,” Singh said in his letter to the SAG.

      The BFI has gone a step ahead and told the SAG – with copies marked
      also to officers of the Lusofonia Games organizing committee(LUGOC)
      including CEO Keshav Chandra that only GBA headed by Fr Ralin as
      President and Menino D’ Souza as general secretary “should be involved
      in organisation and technical conduct of the Lusofonia Games 2013.”

      The letter is likely to ruffle several feathers in LUGOC and the Goa
      Olympic Association. Just last week, the GOA had handed over a list of
      two AGB officials who would be responsible for arranging 24 volunteers
      for the Lusofonia Games.

      “Please be informed that no association other than the GBA is
      authorized or permitted to control or regulate the game of basketball
      in Goa including the Lusofonia Games,” wrote Singh.

      The GOA has all along maintained that they were forced to provide
      temporary affiliation to the AGB since the GBA had long ceased to
      exist. That’s partly true since the previous GBA, then headed by CF
      Vaz, now dead, had done little or nothing of note to promote the
      sport. Fresh elections were then conducted and Fr Ralin’s GBA has
      already announced plans to conduct a state basketball championship
      later this month.

      With the BFI now officially throwing its weight behind Fr Ralin’s GBA,
      it will be difficult for the SAG, GOA or LUGOC to continue looking the
      ‘other’ way.

      Times of India, Goa Saturday, Sep 21 Edition