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3455PSFC urges CM to include Campal stadium in Panjim masterplan

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  • Sandeep Heble
    Sep 10, 2013
      PSFC urges CM to include Campal stadium in Panjim masterplan

      September 10, 2013

      PANJIM: Panjim Sports Festival Committee (PSFC) in a letter to the Chief Minister Manohar Parikar has urged him to consider the inclusion of the historic Campal football stadium in the Panjim City Masterplan and its re-construction on a priority basis.

      Recalling that the erstwhile Dayanand Bandodkar stadium was demolishaed in the year 2002 with an assurance that it would be rebuilt within a short span, the PSFC  pointed out that over a decade has gone by but a new stadium has yet to come in its place, as envisaged. 

      The PSFC in a press release recalled that over the past years, several appeals have been made but the stadium is yet to see the light of the day. 

      “Our demands are not for a stadium with a huge seating capacity but for a reasonably sized stadium, which could accommodate about three to four thousand spectators.” 

      The stadium will be a great asset to the city and can primarily be used to host school and college games besides the First and Second Division football matches with quality exhibition matches being held here, once in a while. 

      The stadium can also serve as a centre for excellence training including grass roots training.