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3453Fwd: Goa Basketball Association chief gets cracking

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  • Sandeep Heble
    Sep 3 1:35 AM
      Goa Basketball Association chief gets cracking
      Marcus Mergulhao, TNN | Sep 3, 2013, 04.27 AM IST

      Goan basketball is unwell right now and, while a cure may be on the horizon
      in the form of the newly revamped Goa Basketball Association (GBA), its
      president Fr Ralin de Souza, wants to kick-start the therapy immediately.

      A day after he was unanimously elected as president of the GBA, a
      development that set tongues wagging in basketball circles, Fr Ralin
      remained unperturbed by all the furore and instead focused on the task

      "I think we can get cracking immediately," said the GBA president, pulling
      out a list from his drawer at the Don Bosco Oratory office in the city.

      The list was meticulously prepared and had details of all the basketball
      courts in the state. At last count, Fr Ralin said there are 33 basketball
      courts, 25 of which belonged to the schools and four to colleges. There are
      three government properties and a private one at Sao Miguel de Taleigao.

      "For a small place like Goa, this is a decent number (of courts). We need
      to start with coaching camps and put these facilities to use. May be
      learn-the-game initiatives, for a start, and then move over to the next
      stage," said Fr Ralin.

      "We need to start fresh and look at the grassroot. Probably in three years,
      we may have a good crop of young players," he said, adding that a managing
      committee meeting will be called in the next couple of days to incorporate
      more ideas.

      Fr Ralin will be aware that there is no unanimous celebration over his
      appointment as GBA president. The Association of Goan Basketball, of which
      he was a part, have been left fuming and even the Goa Olympic Association
      have now gone into an overdrive to provide the affiliation. These are
      troubled days for Goan basketball but Fr Ralin remained confident that
      basketball can climb back out of the deep hole.

      "There has to be a way out. Fortunately for us, we enjoy the total backing
      of the BFI. Congratulatory messages have been received and we expect the
      BFI to take up the affiliation matters with SAG and GOA," said Fr Ralin.

      That brings us to the most important question. Why did he abandon AGB?

      "AGB was clearly an ad-hoc panel formed to assist the change. When I
      contacted the BFI through one of our contact who is a vice-president, we
      were told that reviving the GBA was the best option. We opened talks with
      GBA officials and they were willing for a change," explained Fr Ralin, who
      until two days ago, did not have an inkling that he would be handpicked for
      the top post.

      Fr Ralin said the managing committee was in favour of amending the GBA
      constitution to reduce the prominence of individual members and instead
      increase the club membership.

      "At the GBA, everyone is welcome," he said.

      Wonder what the critics have to say.


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