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Re: [gnubies-il] Suse 8.1 ADSL

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  • Tzafrir Cohen
    ... ADSL in Israel uses PPtP ( Point To Point Protocol , unlike PPP, which means Point to Point Protocol ;-) ) , not PPPoE ( PPP Over Ethernet ). Technically
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 7, 2002
      On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, Salih Bicakci wrote:

      > Dear Friends,
      > I have been using Mandrake 9.0 for one month; it is really easy to
      > configure ADSL connection. But, I installed new SuSE 8.1 pro, which went
      > smoothly. But I have a problem to configure ADSL in SuSE; it has two
      > compartments. First one for eth0. Second, for ADSL connection. In here,
      > I am choosing PPP over Ethernet. I am checking 'dial on demand' and
      > filling the box with

      ADSL in Israel uses PPtP ("Point To Point Protocol", unlike PPP, which
      means "Point to Point Protocol" ;-) ) , not PPPoE ("PPP Over Ethernet").
      Technically both of those protocols are used for a very similar task, but
      they require quite a different software.

      Do you have a package called "pptp-linux" or a similar name, with version
      1.1.0 (or better?)

      rpm -qa |grep pptp

      Tzafrir Cohen
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