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Need to buy Linux USB Internet Antenna

I need to buy a Linux compatible _USB_ Internet Antenna ( _not a card_ ) Can anyone please tell me where to buy one in Israel, the north or center of Israel
Dan Ostroff
Dec 22, 2015

Re: Help needed on the format of Debian Linux

Hi danost, When I used Windows I also kept all my personal files on D:, as much as possible. In the same vein, I always have a partition set aside for
Shimon Lebowitz
Nov 24, 2015

Help needed on the format of Debian Linux

I've pretty much settled on the Debian flavor of Linux, now as part of the install comes the question of how many folders to have for my needs for various data
Nov 24, 2015

Re: UBUNTU 15.04 internet connection

OP says he has a Bezeq *modem*. If this is really a modem, and not a router, then I would VERY much like to hear how he gets it to work (if...). I have not had
Shimon Lebowitz
Oct 6, 2015

Re: UBUNTU 15.04 internet connection

... It should be automatic, in both cases - this is just like any other local network connection (either wired or wireless). Anyway, just boot from the "live"
Tzafrir Cohen
Oct 6, 2015

UBUNTU 15.04 internet connection

I want to install UBUNTU 15.04. At present I have Win 10. My internet connection is ADSL-Bezeqint, with a Bezeq made modem. My question is: when I boot from
Oct 5, 2015

★ קרא את ההודעה שלך לפני שתמחק!

הודעה זו היא חלק מתהליך מסירת ההודעות מNingun Nick. אם קבלת הודעה זו בטעות, נא להתעלם ממנה.
Ningun Nick
Nov 26, 2013

★ Gnubies Il, Ningun Nick השאיר לך הודעה

Ningun Nick השאיר לך הודעה זהות השולח ותוכן ההודעה יהיו גלויים רק לך. אפשר למחוק אותם בכל זמן.
Ningun Nick
Nov 18, 2013

AT&T Mobile App Hackathon Tel Aviv

Hey Everyone! I'm Claudia Lin and I work with the AT&T Developer Program. I wanted to invite you all to our Mobile App Hackathon in Tel Aviv on June 13-14. It
May 14, 2012

Re: Built in microphone and Skype

Are you using Fedora with KDE or Gnome? (If I remember correctly, Fedora comes with Gnome as default). I'm sure there are sound preferences there as well
Oct 6, 2011

Re: Built in microphone and Skype

Hi I didn't see anything like that in Fedora, but I don't have an external microphone plugged in at all when the built in microphone works. Anyway, I started
Chaim Seymour
Oct 6, 2011

Re: Built in microphone and Skype

Did you tried to set the built in microphone as the default microphone via the sound settings (in Ubuntu its system -> Preferences -> Sound -> input tag ->
Oct 6, 2011

Built in microphone and Skype

Hi I installed Skype. I am using an HP Pavilion laptop. The Webcam works. If I connect an external microphone, it works. The built in microphone doesn't work.
Oct 3, 2011

Re: Hebrew keyboard

שלום רב העברית היא תוצאה של פקודה: setxkbmap -option compose:ralt,grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle,grp_led:scroll -variant ,lyx
Chaim Seymour
Sep 24, 2011

Re: Hebrew keyboard

Hi Chaim, On Fri, 23 Sep 2011 17:01:59 +0300 ... Does this command work for the current session (in a terminal)? setxkbmap $(cat .Xkbmap) ... Shabbath Shalom
Shlomi Fish
Sep 23, 2011
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