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698Re: [gnubies-il] kernel upgrade

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  • Tzafrir Cohen
    Mar 20, 2002
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      On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Idan Dolev wrote:

      > Hi,
      > I have 2.2.14 kernel installed.
      > In /usr/src/ directory there is a link between linux dir to linux-2.2.14.
      > If I want to upgrade to kernel 2.2.17, I can do it using a rpm or compile it
      > myself. If I do it by rpm than itdoes not create a link between linux dir
      > and 2.2.17, it leaves the link to the 2.2.14 dir. If I compile it by my
      > self, do I need to brake this link and relink it to the 2.2.17 directory ?

      Where are you taking the source from? linus tarballs? redhat -source rpms?
      (Mandrake still have kernel22-source source RPMs in 8.2, I believe)

      You should realize that for the purpose of deleting, a symlink is a file
      like any other.

      First of all you should know that kernel 2.2.17 is old and has some known
      security holes. It is advised that you get kernel 2.2.20 if you want
      kernel 2.2.

      That said...

      cd /usr/src
      # the following removes the link:
      rm linux
      # create a new link. you should be careful when creating links to
      # directories
      # I assume that the source for kernel 2.2.17 is in the
      # subdirectory 'linux-2.2.17' have you extracted it from the
      # tarball?
      ln -s linux-2.2.17 linux

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