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641Re: [gnubies-il] KDE, Galeon & Hebrew

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  • Tzafrir Cohen
    Mar 2, 2002
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      On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Nigel Ridley wrote:

      > On Sat, 02 Mar 2002 12:00:29 +0200
      > Gil Elad <gilelad@...> wrote:
      > > look athttp://iglu.org.il/faq/cache/143.html
      > >
      > > Gil Elad
      > >
      > > Nigel Ridley wrote:
      > > > Why can I type Hebrew into forms/boxes in Galeon but not using any
      > text> > editor or word processor in KDE? - I just get lots of ????????????
      > instead> > of Hebrew letters (I have a Hebrew keyboard and have configured
      > KDE> > [2.2.2] to use it - switching between the US and Israeli flags on
      > the> > right of the KDE panel). Will KDE3 support Hebrew better?
      > > > I really would like to be able to encourage others on my kibbutz to
      > try> > Linux but without real support for Hebrew it's difficult.
      > > >
      > > > Nigel.
      > > > Kibbutz Ramat Hakovesh
      > OK. I already have QT 2.3.1 and still have????? when I try to type
      > Hebrew. I changed to ISO-8859-8, through KDE's *Control

      Change this to ISO-10646-1

      If you can't local the control interface, try editing

      What I currently have, but I don't use KDE on this machine:


      (I believe I set Langage="C" either to have translation set from the
      environment LC settings or not to use translation at all. Those would give
      a different effect in my case)

      > Center*>Personalization>Country & Language, but it messed up the fonts and
      > when I logged out and then back in again I kept getting the KDE crash
      > window with the following:

      Expected. Is this not in the FAQ, BTW?

      > [WM]
      > activeFont=helvetica,12,5,0,75,0
      > activeFontCharset=default

      Actually, there are "Font" options apread all over that directory, but the
      global fonts setting are saved in $HOME/.kderc

      The following is from the .kderc of the same computer. It is set to give
      fonts that are avilable generaly anywhere (assuming you have a fairly
      recent XFree):


      I figure you should use Arial for everything except the fixed font, and
      Courier New for the fixed font. I believe that '22' in the line above
      means 'iso-10646-1' in some internal QT or KDE enumaration. But I never
      checked this.

      > I did try Language=he but it didn't seem to change anything.

      Tzafrir Cohen
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