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636Re: [gnubies-il] KDE, Galeon & Hebrew

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  • Tzafrir Cohen
    Mar 1, 2002
      On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Nigel Ridley wrote:

      > Why can I type Hebrew into forms/boxes in Galeon but not using any text
      > editor or word processor in KDE? - I just get lots of ???????????? instead
      > of Hebrew letters (I have a Hebrew keyboard and have configured KDE
      > [2.2.2] to use it - switching between the US and Israeli flags on the
      > right of the KDE panel). Will KDE 3 support Hebrew better?

      Do you have the same problem with mozilla?

      What versions of Galeon and of Mozilla do you have?

      Older versions of mozilla (<= 0.9.1 IIRC) had a similar problem. I'm not
      sure if it should have affected galeon. I believe that forms and such are
      not handled by gecko (the part of mozilla that galeon uses: the HTML

      This also may be an issue of keyboard mapping that is layers that are
      lower than KDE. See:


      (the test with xev)

      Tzafrir Cohen
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