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49Re: [gnubies-il] XFree86 resolution configuration

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  • Boaz Rymland
    Nov 8, 2000
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      I'm not gonna cover all of it below. There's a lot about using or configuring X.
      You've asked for info on both. See my remarks below... .

      intellijoint@... wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I bought a book that came with RedHat 6.2 bundelled in it.
      > Installed it and everything went fine.
      > During the installation process the program probed the hardware and
      > created an XF86Config file. The file which was created has sections
      > for "Device" and "Monitor" which are generic and sections which are
      > specific to my hardware (Packard Bell 17" monitor and ATI Mach64
      > card). It also created sections for "Screen" based on several
      > combinations of the above.

      Just a tip - the manual page of XF86Config (X configuration file) is very nice.
      It's quite readable, and will teach you a lot about playing with it.

      > When I start X it enters into 640x480 mode and the picture is
      > slightly distorted (shifted to the left and too long to fit into the
      > screen).
      > How do I select which screen server (resolution and color depth) will
      > be enabled when X starts? Should I simply remark the lines I do not
      > want to work or is there a different way to tell X to switch
      > resolutions.

      What I understand that you want to do is to pick *not* an X server, but A
      MODELINE to run the X in. Meaning, you wanna choose the resolution, color depth,
      etc' (this isn't requiring changing the X server but tweaking it's configuration
      via it's config file).
      Before editing the config file, try to switch modes while X is running, if it's
      enabled on your configuration - Ctrl+Alt+(+)/(-) .
      When you find an already nice modeline which suits you, you can edit XF86Config
      file to change the order of "selectable" modeline, where you put your favorite

      > I guess that once I get to the right resolution I can use
      > Xconfigurator to fine tune the distortions (does it save the values
      > to XF86Config or should I copy the values manually to the file)?

      here are some sites in which you can produce nice modelines:

      Finally, I know this probably aint helping you too much, but I hope that with
      some other help it'll give you a better understanding of the bigger picture. :-)


      > ANy Help?
      > Thank you,
      > Gilad
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