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395Re: [gnubies-il] a few questions about unix

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  • Shlomi Fish
    Sep 1, 2001
      On Sat, 1 Sep 2001, dgi dgi_il wrote:

      > hi!
      > I have been tring to copmile mozila (since I cannot find a binary that is
      > linked against glibc 2.1) and this beast to gorwing abuot 560 Mbytes! when I
      > reach 60 Mbtyes free on /, I get the worst error I could get: no more space
      > left on device.
      > 1) can it be possible? (how can I make it run until there is .00001 bytes
      > free? reconfigure?)

      It should run until you have 0 MBytes free. Maybe there's something wrong
      with your quotas.

      > 2) how can I know which mozilla veriosn I am compiling? (some 0.9, I could
      > not find where it says exactly which version)

      It should appear somewhere in the source tree. Where exactly I don't know.

      > 3) how can I know how much free space I have left on a device (I have beenu
      > using control centre and krusader for this)

      Type "df" at the command line.

      > 4) how can I know how much free memory I have (RAM) ?

      That I can't really tell you. Maybe "top" will do, but I'm not sure.


      Shlomi Fish

      > - diego
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