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357Re: [gnubies-il] Resolution problem

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  • Amir Abiri
    Aug 2, 2001
      > Hi, i've got a problem and i thought maybe you could help me here,
      > I'm using RH 7.0 KDE and ym screen resolution is very very high, so high
      > that everything is so small, and it's a real trouble to browse sites and
      > everything else like that.
      > maybe u can tell me where can i change the Display resolutionso i can see
      > things bigger?
      > i tried looking the display properties with no luck.
      > 10q.
      > Hagai.

      You can configure X to more then one resolution setting, and then you can
      switch between the possibilites you configured using CRTL +/-.

      foreach $task in (</etc/current_workplace/tasks); do
      find_someone_to_do_it --default=amir 2> /dev/amir; done
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