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3198Re: [gnubies-il] Kubuntu enabled for Hebrew

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  • Errol Sapir
    Jan 5, 2007

      Thanks Maxim, I'll try it.


      Maxim Veksler wrote:

      On 1/3/07, errolsapir <errol@...> wrote:
      I am using Kubuntu effy edge and want to be completely Hebrew enabled.
       What I mean by that is using English as my interface language and have
       access to Hebrew use for every application I use with ALL the Hebrew
       possibilities (ALL fonts, Hebrew speller etc.) for Open Office,
       Thunderbird and any other application I can write with.
       I would also like to have the alt/shift ability to switch between the
       two languages.
       What I have managed to do at the moment is have Hebrew with a limited
       amount of fonts, no speller and the alt/shift change ONLY works if the
       icon for languages is in Hebrew. The only way to use Hebrew is to
       change the icon to Hebrew, not use alt/shift from English.
       Is there a list of actions to take to do make a complete "enabled"
      What you are looking for is Debian's user-he, it's available in edgy
      but I really don't know how good it's integrated. Try it.
      $ sudo aptitude install user-he
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