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3067Controlling printer queues

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  • Noamn
    May 5 1:27 AM
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      I manage a Linux machine at work, running RH 7.3 as a server only (ie no
      GUI). The machine was set up very thoroughly before being passed to me,
      including a command menu from which I do most of the administration. Despite
      this menu, I have discovered a few areas in which I would prefer more
      control, especially in the area of printing.

      Most of our print jobs are sent to a print queue called 'pr2' and the 'lpq'
      command lists all the jobs in the print queue. I know how to remove jobs
      manually, and I've just learnt how to change the order of printing (using
      'hold' and 'remove').

      My question: is there any way of automatically deleting jobs whose size is a
      certain value (71 bytes)?

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