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3058kernel panic after Mandriva 2006 installation

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  • Michael
    Apr 6, 2006
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      Hi guys
      I'd be really grateful if you help me through this one
      I installed a fresh Mandriva 2006 distro, the installation went on
      without any problem, the boot loader works fine, but when I try to
      boot linux, the kernel panics and freezes. It says it cannot mount
      root FS on /dev/root and finally dies when it cannot find init.
      I tries both LILO and GRUB, no ACPI/APIC options
      My drive is 120G SATA on SIS chipset (SIS180 Raid), ASUS P4S800D MB
      with P4 2.8GHz.
      The linux root partition should be /dev/sda6.
      The strange thing is that I tried some other distros earlier and had
      no such problem whatsoever, everything worked OK.
      Thanks for your help, I hope someone has an idea about this issue