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27Re: [gnubies-il] symlinks

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  • Tzafrir Cohen
    Oct 19, 2000
      On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Boaz Rymland wrote:

      > stephen s fine wrote:
      > >
      > > I made a symlink from my home directory to /usr/local and it would'nt
      > > work.

      I don't understand exactly:

      Did you have /usr/local which is a symlink that points to /home/stephen ?

      > I placed mozilla M18 in /usr/local and then made a symlink to the
      > > mozilla executable file called mozilla.When I run
      > > /usr/local/package/mozillafrom my Xterm it works fine.When I try my
      > > symlink which I called moz and tried to run it as ./moz it replied
      > > file not found-yet the symlink is set up to the correct file.

      I assume you double checkeed the correctness of the link with:
      ls -l ~/moz

      > > thanks for any ideas
      > (I dont have much to say, but since none has replied yet, I'll give my words):

      If you still cannot find the solution, please post the outputs of

      ls -l /home/stephen/moz
      ls -l /usr/local/package/mozilla
      { cd /home/stephen/ ; ./moz }

      (the last line: simly run ./moz, and make sure it is from /home/stephen )

      BTW: why not put this symlink in ~/bin/ instead of the home directory?
      ~/bin is (I believe) added to you PATH in the init scripts.

      > According to your description it looks as if it should work.
      > Double check your links. you should have run something like(as root):
      > ln -s /usr/local/package/mozilla /home/stephen/moz

      I the link is to be created in /home/stephen, and therefore can be created
      by stephen as well. No need for root.

      > and then check the permissions of you to run this.

      Would a permissions problem yeald a "file not found" error?

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      Tzafrir Cohen
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