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2373Re: [gnubies-il] mailing list insertion (fwd)

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  • Kfir Lavi
    Aug 4, 2003
      I'm using diamond external modem. Linux will see it as a device at COMx
      (x=1,2,...). So you won't have to configure anything.
      I bought it second hand, and it works great without a hickup (3 years).
      If you don't want trouble, buy an external modem.
      If you want to search for second hand try:

      It also possible to use internal modem, BUT it has to be a hardware
      modem, and you will have to check if it works in linux. Hardware modem
      don't use the CPU to operate, so it don't need driver. DONT buy winmodem
      its not hardware.
      I have checked for an internal modem, and i find that the prices are
      So my opinion is to go with an external modem, because its the same price.
      Kfir Lavi
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