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  • Amir Tal
    Feb 3, 2003
      On Monday 03 February 2003 18:24, JimRR wrote:
      > Gil,
      > >I just bought a WD 80 GB HD.
      > >when i use the HardDrake i get a 74 GB HD
      > That part of course is the HD companies list the drive including
      > formatting and other overhead. The usable space is usually smaller. I
      > think that is dishonest, but then what do I know. As for those other
      > issues, I will defer to Linux gurus.

      assuming that you want all data on this Disk erased, and a clean start, do the
      following (as root):

      * fire up fdisk (fdisk /dev/hdx, replace x with the correct disk letter) and
      hit m+enter for options.

      *hit "d" for deleting existing partitions on that disk.
      *hit "n" for creating a new partition (make it a primary one)

      after creating the new partition, do (again, as root):

      mk2tfs -j /dev/hdxx (replace xx with the correct disk and partition numbers.
      you'll have yourself a ready to use partition containing ext3 filesystem.


      > Jim
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