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19Re: [gnubies-il] Hi... I have a question....

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  • Tzafrir Cohen
    Aug 22, 2000
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      I don't have a decent web connection at the moment, so I can't give you
      any verified links. Anyway...

      On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, yuval khalifa wrote:

      > Hi!
      > I want to get a SIMPLE explanation on how to be able to read hebrew E-mails
      > under Red Hat Linux 6.2, I use a Pentium III computer with 8GB hard drive,
      > and 64Mb RAM, with dual boot between Windows 95 and Linux 6.2 (RedHat).
      > Is it possible to write/read hebrew e-mails under Netscape Communicator?

      I haven't tried it, but it seems that reading and writing mail in NS is
      possible, only you'll see the hebrew reveresed. You'll probably also have
      to set the character-set of your message.

      If the message is encoded in unicode (UTF8) - netscape will not even show
      the characters correctly.

      Generally - NS is not that good as a mail client. I suggest you try mutt,
      pine and XFMail (any other recommended?) - it is a big bloat, that crashes
      too often.

      As for writing - you can try writing the message in a text editor with
      better Hebrew support (maybe try gtkbidi with some editor,see
      http://linux.org.il/pub/Hebrew/00INDEX.html#gtkbidi )

      In the linux-il FAQ I described what procedure I use to read and write
      Hebrew email with pine. I believe most of it can be appied to others (or
      maybe simply copy the text from the mail client to gtkbidi gedit to read

      BTW: don't use hebpine. It uses visual Hebrew, which is basically wrong,
      and would probably be misinterpeted by any mail client that supports
      Hebrew (although I believe Outlook Express is the only one at the moment).

      > is
      > it possible to read/write/create hebrew filenames

      It is possible, but I would advise against it, as some programs may suume
      filenames are ASCII chars (that is - chars at the range 32-127). I never
      noticed any problem, though.

      > and hebrew ASCII text
      > files?

      Certainly. All you need is a way to type in Hebrew chars. Either use X or
      console keyboard mapping, or use an editor like vim (or emacs with Hebrew
      mode). There's information about all of those in the FAQ
      (http://linux.org.il/faq/), however I don't remember the exact page, and
      how well organized it is.

      Tzafrir Cohen
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