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1887writing in Hebrew under Linux

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  • Offer Kaye
    Dec 2, 2002
      I have a Mandrake Linux 9.0 system at home, and last night I tried to get
      Hebrew (writing) to work on it, but with limited success. In a few simple
      steps (go to K menu, go to prefs, go to Keyboard...) I got a little flag on
      the taskbar that I can click to change the keyboard from English to Hebrew,
      but in the application (for example KWord) all I see when I type in Hebrew
      are little empty squares :-(
      I have fonts that have "hebrew" in their name, so I guess I have Hebrew
      fonts installed, and I was using one of them when I tried to type and got
      the empty squares.
      In addition, when I use Galeon to view a Hebrew site such as walla I see it
      okay. Ugly, but viewable :-)

      I hope someone can help me, since my problem does not seem to fit any of the
      FAQs in the IGLU site. I would prefer a solution that works through the
      existing Mandrake graphical system controls, rather than instructions on
      changing system text files by hand, but if that is what it takes, I'll brave
      it... :-)

      Thanks in advance,
      Offer Kaye