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PLL of LPC2378

Dear, I am trying to get the PLL working on the LPC2378 on an olimex developement board it does not work, and I can't figure out what the solution is. I' have
Mar 25, 2014

Question about gnu arm for windows

Hi, I've got a question regarding the gnu arm 4.1.1 package for windows. After install on my windows7 PC, I'm a little bit lost because I can't find standard
Lionel Jourdren
Oct 3, 2013

Super/Sub Support

Does gnu-embedded-arm have support for symbol Super- and Sub-class constructs similar to the RVDS/DS-5 $Super$$ and $Sub$$ ? Thanks.
Jun 26, 2013

problems referencing current object of class

I've problem referencing current object of my class. example is class ABC{ public: void func1(){ printf("abc"); } } ... ... struct AC { ... typedef ::ABC
Jun 6, 2013

Re: UART interrupt problem

... Thank you very much Jean-Marc Koller. That explains everything. I was all along thinking that the address stored in the table is pure 32 bit address which
Kamudu Kamesh
May 25, 2013

Re: UART interrupt problem

... Bit 0 means that the instruction set to be used is the THUMB mode, which has to be set, according to the ARM documentation (DDI0337E, cortex M3 R1 P1, page
Jean-Marc Koller
May 25, 2013

UART interrupt problem

Hello all, We are working on ATSAM3S4C Cortex-M3 controller. We have written a sample code which enables UART0 receive interrupt. The interrupt is not being
Kamudu Kamesh
May 24, 2013

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Kumar S
Apr 10, 2013

Re: What cores are supported by GNU ARM

... Andrew I documented some investigations into assembly programming on an ARM V5TE at http://www.fourtheye.org/armasm.shtml This may be of help to you? Bob
Robert Wilkinson
Aug 24, 2012

Re: What cores are supported by GNU ARM

Hi Dan, Thank you for you help :) Andrew
Aug 22, 2012

Re: What cores are supported by GNU ARM

... Oh good heavens. Of course it's not easy; that's why we get paid to do it. If it's "too hard", perhaps a career change is called for. Further, "support",
Dave McGuire
Aug 21, 2012

Re: What cores are supported by GNU ARM

Hi The device seems to be an ARM9 processor and code for it can certainly be developed with the GNU tools. Having said that, it may not be easy to get going
Aug 21, 2012

What cores are supported by GNU ARM

Hi I have just downloaded GNU arm. I'm having trouble trying to identify what cores are supported. I'm about to start work on a project using a processor with
Aug 20, 2012

Re: Compiling GBA example program.

... There are folks around here that may not know that GBA means "Game Boy Advanced" and that the code is, in fact, ARM7. You didn't say what toolchain you are
Jul 20, 2012

Compiling GBA example program.

I have a very simple example to compile for the GBA, but I can't ( no matter what commands I use) get it to compile properly. I got it to compile twice but
Jul 17, 2012
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