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5197UART interrupt problem

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  • Kamudu Kamesh
    May 24, 2013
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      Hello all,
      We are working on ATSAM3S4C Cortex-M3 controller. We have written a sample code which enables UART0 receive interrupt. The interrupt is not being generated when a character is received by the controller. However when we read the serial receive register (polling) we are able to retrieve the character. Serial receive interrupt is being enabled, the interrupt handler is in place etc. One more strange thing we noticed is the address in the vector table and that of the service routine(s). There is a 1 byte difference. For example:

      Table entry:
      400004:    004003f1     .word    0x004003f1    // reset exception entry

      Actual location of code
      004003f0 <ResetException>:

      Why is there a difference of 1 in the address and how is the controller able to execute the code properly?

      Thanks in advance for the help.

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