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5184Re: Trying to build gnuarm on Ubuntu 12.04?

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  • rtstofer
    Jun 28, 2012
      --- In gnuarm@yahoogroups.com, "Dennis" <nojoeco@...> wrote:
      > Using as much as I can from
      > http://openhardware.net/Embedded_ARM/Toolchain/
      > Found numerous mis-links, updates, patches, etc.
      > Tried to fix those in the scripts.
      > Got nowhere fast.
      > Then tried the aptitude updates suggested at OliverBehr.de(aptitude gone in 12.04 used apt-get)
      > Now it at least tries with thousands of warnings.
      > Hoping none are critical.
      > Is there any guides or tips on compiling with newer linux kernels(3.x) and or Ubuntu?
      > It's implied in the openhardware site that there may not be a working method for ubuntu(and that's probably referring to 8.x? not 12).

      It was possible under one of the 11.x versions but it looks like I kept the executables when I upgraded to 12.04 and I don't have the scripts that I actually used. However, they came from OpenHardware and I just changed a few links.

      You will need to download and install a BUNCH of dependencies like mpr (multi-precision arithmetic) which are not part of the default Ubuntu installation. Every time you get a dependency error (some package required but not found), fix it.

      Or, you can go to the Synaptic Package Manager and search for 'arm'. I just installed gcc-4.6-arm-linux-gnueabihf and I was able to compile a previous 'main.c' with some dependency errors. I did not change my Makefile to use the newly installed toolchain.

      I have no experience with any of the Ubuntu packages for arm. I have built Gnuarm from the instructions at:

      I'm pretty sure I added -Wno-error to each of the gcc commands when building GNUArm. This means that warnings won't be treated as errors which is kind of important when buildling the toolchain because there are a huge number of warnings.

      From a very brief Google search, it seems that removing -Werror from commandlines is pretty useful so that warnings don't get treated like errors.

      You might try this site. Among other things the process handles those missing dependencies I was talking about.


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