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5151new effort, was Re: [gnuarm] Re: Project Status

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  • rtstofer
    Mar 23, 2012
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      --- In gnuarm@yahoogroups.com, Dave McGuire <Mcguire@...> wrote:

      > I had not originally intended to release this to the public, as it
      > was done for my own use, but seeing the sorry state of all the
      > toolchains out there (most of which look like they were put together by
      > embedded systems/hardware guys as an afterthought, not by a software guy
      > on a mission...I'm lucky to be both!), and the falling into
      > dismaintenance of the (otherwise decent) GNUARM distribution, perhaps
      > it's time for me to consider releasing it.
      > -Dave

      Indeed, it is time!

      I have built the GNUARM distribution several times and the instructions work very well. But it's just for the arm-elf configuration.

      Over at OpenHardware.net, Tom Walsh has a pretty decent set of scripts for building an ARM toolchain:


      The part I never understood is his comment on the library being Thumb and not pure ARM32. I don't know that I care but given a choice, I would pick pure ARM32.

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