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Gel Library!

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  • sjellouli
    Hi guys! It s about the GEL library again! Anyway, I somehow used the eric engler s method for make ing (rebuilding) the GEL libraries, and with some
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1 10:28 AM
      Hi guys!
      It's about the GEL library again!
      Anyway, I somehow used the eric engler's method for "make"ing
      (rebuilding) the GEL libraries, and with some modifications (mostly
      through trials and errors), and was finally successful, well somehow,
      now my problem is this: I tried a sample program that uses printf to
      display somthing through the SCI port, it COMPILED (a big step forward
      for me!), and I now have an .s19 file, but when I looked at the dump
      file, I realized that main starts at 8000, where it should have
      started at 2000 (I am using a DRAGON12 board), I looked everywhere,
      reviewed everything, unfortunately I couldn't see where this came
      from, I did change the /config/board to TARGET_BOARD=m68hc12-axcmd12,
      the axcmd12 has a memory.x that basically starts the text region at
      2000, so my question to you guys is this: How do I change the memory.x
      for my project so that is uses the proper memory.x?
      Note that I am using eric engler's EGNU IDE, and it is not possible to
      set the memory map when building WITH the GEL library.
      Can you help out guys?
      Thanks a million ALL!
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