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Re: Who (or what) is "THE DEVIL"?

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  • F. I. Tellyu
    ... little ... the ... I came to this Yahoo Group to learn about gnosticism . I haven t read any of the gnostic texts, but when I described my experience to
    Message 1 of 74 , May 26, 2004
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, pmcvflag <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Catterfly, you ask....
      > <<<PMCV (or anyone), why would you answer a question with a
      > question? ;o) Are you saying that Gnostics prefer to leave the
      > existence of "The Devil" up for debate? Or are you saying that
      > Gnostics believe "The Devil" is a personification of ignorance?>>>
      > Well, where in Gnostic texts have you seen the "Devil" in the
      > traditional Christian outline? As Cari points out... there is
      > mention of the devil, or even things that could be inferred to be
      > devil. So, are you sure that Gnostics believed in such a thing
      > literally?
      > PMCV

      I came to this Yahoo Group to learn about "gnosticism". I haven't
      read any of the gnostic texts, but when I described my experience to
      a friend, he made reference to "gnosis" (as in divine knowledge, the
      result of a mystical experience). That's why I asked you all about
      the "gnostic point of view" on such a thing as the devil. I find it
      interesting to see how quickly you all point to biblical scriptures
      to back up your statements. This makes me think that you all agree
      with much of the Christian doctrine...that the bible is the final
      authority. Do you all believe that knowledge can be obtained from
      other mythologies? Or do you limit yourselves to the Judeo-
      Christian myths only? I was expecting a response to my mention of
      the pre-Christian Fertility Goddess concept, but you all stuck to the
      Judeo-Christian mythology instead. (This is not a judgment, just my
    • George Harvey
      ... a ... Gnostic ... Hi Mike, Thank you. I suspected she was wrong but didn t know for sure. George
      Message 74 of 74 , Jun 16, 2004
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        --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, Mike Leavitt <ac998@l...> wrote:
        > Hello George
        > On 06/16/04, you wrote:
        > > Hi Mike,
        > > Someone on my list said modern Gnostic churches do not allow women
        > > to be priests. Is that true of your church?
        > >
        > > George
        > Stephan ordained Rosa Miller to the priesthood, and consecrated her
        > bishop. We currently have two active women priests, and an active
        > woman deacon or three, I can't keep up with it. The short answer is
        > no it is not true of our church, nor is it true of the French
        > Church, our confederate. It may be true of some more traditionally
        > Catholic Gnostic churches, milage may vary. Years ago I asked an
        > old Liberal Catholic Priest (they have no women in orders to this
        > day), "how can you deny one of the sacraments to half the human
        > race." He was stunned by the question, and said that was the only
        > thing anyone had said to him that gave him doubts about the all male
        > clergy.
        > Regards
        > --
        > Mike Leavitt ac998@l...

        Hi Mike,
        Thank you. I suspected she was wrong but didn't know for sure.

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