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  • F. I. Tellyu
    ... or ... focal ... Hi, I m new here (just joined this evening). I m officially on the Catterfly Songbird Spiritual Path ...(LOL). Seriously, I have to
    Message 1 of 46 , May 20, 2004
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      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, lady_caritas <no_reply@y...>
      > Good morning, all. Each of you came to this list with an interest
      > at least curiosity regarding historical Gnosticism.
      > We discuss many aspects directly related to or surrounding this
      > point. Do you feel that those ancient Gnostics have impacted your
      > life in any way? And, if so, how? General insights as well as
      > specific anecdotes are welcome.
      > I would be interested in hearing from lots of you, including those
      > who might not have contributed before.
      > Cari

      I'm new here (just joined this evening). I'm "officially" on
      the "Catterfly Songbird Spiritual Path"...(LOL). Seriously, I have
      to say that because I'm having some trouble with identifying myself
      with any other philosophy. So on my path, I'm stopping by a few
      interesting Yahoo Groups, web pages, movies, and books to learn
      something from others and see if I want to incorporate any of that
      knowledge into my own personal path. I have joined a few Yahoo
      Groups, read some posts, and either stuck around, or left. I'm not
      a troublemaker, just a curious (wanna-be) intellectual. Please
      don't be upset if I leave abruptly in a few weeks/months/??. I'm
      just stopping by while walking my own path. I probably won't post
      much as I'm mainly here to learn. -Namaste
    • pmcvflag
      You are so patient, Cari, but my post was so explicetly about the afterlife in Gnosticism and the lack of continuation of the self identity with the
      Message 46 of 46 , Jun 9, 2004
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        You are so patient, Cari, but my post was so explicetly about
        the "afterlife" in Gnosticism and the lack of continuation of the
        self identity with the rejoining into the Source, that I don't think
        Fred really missed my point so badly as to think I was talking about
        some form of Buddhist monastic ego death. I think instead he is
        purposfully taking my words out of context to be trite (something he
        has already been reprimanded for). *sigh* He will be able to post
        again when he is ready for serious conversation.


        --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, lady_caritas <no_reply@y...>
        > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, fred60471 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, pmcvflag <no_reply@y...>
        > >
        > > ... I know that this concept is very scary to a lot of
        > > people who can't deal with the notion of loss of the self ...
        > >
        > > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, pmcvflag also wrote:
        > >
        > > ... I do know ...
        > > ... I think if ...
        > > ... I have known ...
        > > ... I know that ...
        > >
        > > PMCV
        > Fred, I don't understand your point. I don't see PMCV as saying
        > we "presently" lose our sense of self. The sentence before your
        > first quote reads, "You see, the "spirit", according to Gnostic
        > thought, is not part of what we call "us". It is not part of one's
        > personal identity, but instead it is a little reflective shard of
        > source of all spirit. That is to say, it is a little piece that
        > rejoin with a larger whole EVENTUALLY." [emphasis added]
        > Personally, I view ego "death" as an oxymoron in this present
        > existence. We all have egos. We need a sense of self to function
        > this world. That is not the same as saying that we all are
        > egotistical though.
        > Cari
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