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Re: Special post for Scott

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    Ok Scott, now to answer your point....
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2004
      Ok Scott, now to answer your point....

      <<Scott: I need not demonstrate any such thing, as I never
      contended that Gnostics as a collective try to stop the mind. I said
      that the outcome of ONE practice, in ONE text, looks like it would
      have the same result as certain other non-gnostic meditation
      techniques and lead to the cessation of mental or psychic activity,
      at which point the true spiritual nature would be apprehended. I
      made this point as a response to someone who responded to my first
      post, which used eastern/yogic terminology to illustrate my points.
      So where you get the idea that I have to prove that Plato agrees
      with me or that the Gnostics agree with this or that, is anyone's

      WELL, why didn't you say so in the first place? I would be more
      apologetic, but the fact is you had all the mods, and a number of
      members here as well, thinking you were saying that Gnosticism, in
      general, held this belief system. SInce it is not only MY
      misunderstanding of your point, I am forced to chalk it up to your
      writing style. However, your point is well made NOW. Thank you.

      In that case, let me offer the one bit of evidence in support of
      your point. Scholors generally agree that the "EEEIIOOOOO" things in
      the Gnostic texts is a sort of glossolalia. This action would seem
      to be a sort of clearing of the mind ecstatic experience... however,
      it also does not appear to be representative of Gnosticism in
      general. So, could some Gnostics have praccticed a mind clearing
      ritual? Sure!!! However, it does not seem to have been a basic
      practice to Gnosticism in general, and I would also question the
      notion that when it did happen that it was used in the same context
      as it is in Buddhism. In other words, the only thing I would
      disagree with is your statement that it is via this method that
      Gnostics would have necessarily believed that the "true spiritual
      nature would be apprehended".

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