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    Golly, Skydancer.... You state.... ... against Witches and Native Americans...in Gnostic studies? Smile. I can t understand this strange curiosity, perhaps you
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 3, 2004
      Golly, Skydancer....

      You state....

      >>>Hummm, let me ask you a question, please; Do you discriminate
      against Witches and Native Americans...in Gnostic studies? Smile. I
      can't understand this strange curiosity, perhaps you feel I am not up
      to your higher intellectual standards due to my heritage... Smile Do
      you have this same curiosity concerning Judo-Chrtistians, Muslims,
      Buddhists... Smile? I feel such an interogation amounts to exacting
      a Chatechism... of sorts...<<<

      It seems to me *smile* that we are witnessing *smile* a bit of a
      martyr complex *smile*. No, we do not look down on Native Americans
      here. I am part Dine (Navajo) and live in a border town of the
      Reservation. And yes, I DO have this curiousity concerning Judeo-
      Christians etc. In fact, a common question ot ALL new members (though
      I believe you joined once before) is exactly what has made them
      interested in the subject. I found your lineage made this question so
      much more interesting considering the contrast between your past and
      Gnostic belief. I thought perhaps you had a story that would help us
      get to know you and your interest a little. It has nothing to do with
      your Native blood, per se, simply meant to ask how your interest came
      about. Now, can we we despence with the condescending smiles and
      sarcasm about intellects and assumptions of being some kind of
      outcast and just converse? You will find that one thing we DON'T like
      here, is drama.

      >>>In my Post 9245 (New Member) "After reading your "Description". I
      decided that there was much to be learned here..." So I have come
      here to learn...<<<

      Cool, we all learn a lot here.

      >>My interests in 'Gnosis' first popped up a few years ago while
      reading "Holy Blood Holy Grail" Coming across the Cathars and the
      Albirgensian Crusade... the last offical Roman Catholic Crusade, that
      lasted some 40 years and devastated the Lanquedoc... wiping out
      practically the whole population of the Cathars and their practice
      of "Gnosis".<<

      While the Cathars are not technically "Gnostic", they are certainly
      closely related in some ways and we do talk about them here
      sometimes. Don't worry, we will help keep the focus of the club, and
      it is not meant to put you down if we sometimes say "this is off
      topic". On the other hand, I am sure you have new thoughts to add on
      the subjects that are on topic.

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