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Re: Some Thoughts About Mel Gibson's Film & The Church

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  • Blissful Branches
    Thank you to those for getting back to me. I m still going through the threads, however, I would like to share some of my thoughts on Mel Gibson s film, which
    Message 1 of 42 , Feb 23, 2004
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      Thank you to those for getting back to me.
      I'm still going through the threads, however, I would like to share some of my thoughts on Mel Gibson's film, which I do plan to see when it arrives here.  He is one of my favorite actors, as well. 
      Please note that these are only my thoughts and are not meant to come across as hurtful towards anyone, and please feel free to shed some light on any areas that need it, as I am open to constructive criticism. 
      There are many opinions in our world that praise/slander Christ and in turn may have caused anger/fear in those who do not believe vs those who do believe in Him.  I was always a bit curious as to why certain faiths embrace most religions, but are offended hearing about Christianity and the Teachings of Christ?  In some ways it can be construed as a sort of prejudice, rationalised with discomfort. 
      Many religious wars were fought on account of religion, and many souls have perished unmercifully.  In addition to the tragic Jewish Holocaust, there have been several other holocausts throughout our history, which have been forgotten.  To name a few that come to mind, they include the Cathers who were labeled Heretics, because they did not believe the Church was teaching the True Faith of Christ.  You then have  the Christians who were also handed over to the Roman, after Christ's death, to die Roman deaths.  There were also the Christians and Protestants who perished during the reigns of Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I.  All in all, based on my readings (I've listed the books below), these periods of time were considered blood baths due to Man's inhumanity to man.  It is my sincere belief that this was not Christ's message, to hurt one another in the name of religion or race.  However, it is my understanding that His death was prophecized to happen the way it did, in order to fulfill the prophecy and to bring salvation to mankind.
      As someone who is searching for the truth, and this may sound bizarre, or far fetched to many, but I've made it my responsibility to be very careful in believing things that I read, hear, or view; regardless, whether it's through the media, religious institutions, books, lectures, etc.  Many of these entities and individuals like to convey their conclusions and opinions, as being real, in order to pull the wool over a naive society's eyes, and in turn, conspire and conceal the actual truth, because they want things skewed to benefit their own cause, which is usually power and greed. 
      As for the Church, she is receiving quite a bit of bad press of late, but I do wonder why it is only now, that we are hearing about the various happenings, and not sooner after the incidents happened?  Why didn't the individuals bring it up while it was all fresh, or did they?  It's almost as if there's a private war going on out there, and it all makes me wonder what is taking place in these other institutions.  I know I'm getting up on my soap box here, but I think it all ties in some how.  Aside from the Church, what about some of the companies out there that are, or have been involved with inside corruption towards their clients and their own employees, who need the job and work very hard in difficult environments, some just getting by to provide for their families.  Many do not receive an ounce of compassion, except that they maintain the corporation's bottom line.  You also have the wealthy religious organizations, charities and leaders, some who fly around in private jets, taking that very needed last dollar from a poor individual, who truly believes his, or her money is going towards a virtuous cause.  Christ is quoted saying: "Be ware of false prophets, which come in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves".  Matthew 7:15.
      Forgive me all if you think I've moved away from the issue, or for rambling on. Just a few last thoughts... 
      We can create all sorts of expressive films, art shows that express individual points of view.  We do have that freedom and luxury, but at what expense?  I do know that many of the Holocaust films have hurt many innocent, good German people, who helped many German Jews, but were not at all involved in the decision making of World War II, but were some how lumped into a hateful group of war mongers, which could have been a form of revenge. However, Holocaust films, films based on true stories, horror films, art shows, degrading women and teenagers, you name it.  Hollywood continues to pump these films out, whether we like it or not.  However, we as individuals have that choice to either see the gory details, or not.  The question I ask myself is what can I do about it all? 
      Christ's ultimate message was about Love.  "Love one another as I have Loved you."  He also believed in one Universal God who is loving and merciful to all.  Thus, it is my belief that all of our faiths are connected to a Universal God, Whose intention I believe it is for us to learn from our experiences in this life on Earth and to help one another, and not be filled with deceit, revenge, or hate.  The very vices that is so very subtlely impossed on us through different forms of media, thus turning us away from the ultimate goal, which is to Love.
      Well enough blah, blah blahing.  Thanks for reading to those who cared to. 
      As for the books I've read, they are as follows:  'A World Lit Only by Fire' by William Manchester, 'The Perfect Heresy' by Stephen O'Shea.  I shortly plan to read 'The Gnostic Gospels' by Elaine Paegels.
      Kindest regards to all,
      Peace & Love

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    • Gerry
      ... to the group, please note that I do need to do quite a bit of reading. I also agree that Kundalini & Gnosticism are not two of the same, but merely
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        --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, Blissful Branches
        <blissful_branches@y...> wrote:
        > Thanks for clearing those things up for me. Aside from being new
        to the group, please note that I do need to do quite a bit of
        reading. I also agree that Kundalini & Gnosticism are not two of the
        same, but merely conveying that the Gospels Thomas and Philip had
        certain qualities that remind me of Kundalini.
        > Please be patient with me.
        > All the best,
        > Bliss

        Hey Bliss.

        Forgive me for not looking back in the earlier messages, but I'm
        hoping you were the one who had questions about how it was decided
        which books made it into the Bible. Here's a link that covers the
        canonization process:


        I hate that it looks like you may have to cut and paste one letter to
        make that work, but you may find it interesting enough to make it
        worth the bother.

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