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Re: [Gnosticism2] 9181 Re: Can everyone be saved by Gnosis?

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  • Veda
    Skepticism is good. It keeps us thinking. However, Rupert Shelldrake s work on morphogenic fields also supports the concept that people joined together in
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 14, 2004
      Skepticism is good. It keeps us thinking. However,
      Rupert Shelldrake's work on morphogenic fields also
      supports the concept that people joined together in
      common thought create a field of energy that takes on
      its own agenda to perpetuate. Energy around this
      field is magnetically drawn to alter its frequency to
      a like vibration.

      I, too, do not believe in a limited GOD or whatever
      name one wants to apply to the Source of the energy
      which we are. I believe there are ways for all to
      achieve Gnosis as their process in development reaches
      the point of aceeptance.
      --- David Gallardo <david@...> wrote:

      Personally, I'm pretty skeptical about new agey things
      like the
      "Maharishi Effect" and that whole hundredth monkey
      thing. Perhaps you
      are aware that the work by Lyall Watson, which
      purports to provides
      scientific proof, has been debunked. There is one
      account here:

      With regard to the question: Can everyon be saved by
      Gnosis?, I have a
      question of my own: How does/did Gnosticism regard the
      matter of
      reincarnation? In Mahayana Buddhism, reincarnation
      provides a mechanism
      for universal escape. Basically, you keep coming back
      till you get it
      right, (whatever that is), and if you get it right,
      you come back to
      help the others. The bus doesn't leave till everyone's
      on board.

      It seems like if we've only got one shot, when I look
      around--I can only
      guess of course--but it looks to me like a lot of
      people have already
      blown it. And in many cases are dragging lots of other
      people down with

      Personally, I find it hard to believe that a true God
      would create us
      knowing that many of us would end up eternally damned.
      Bad enough if he
      provides us with choice to achieve our own salvation,
      but I find it even
      harder to believe that this can be the result of an
      accident of
      birth--e.g. not being born in the Catholic Church--or
      some other means
      outside our control, like election.

      I know that the Church has added some weasely
      exceptions to its doctrine
      of extra ecclesiam nulla salus--there is no salvation
      outside the
      church--to make it more palatable to modern
      sensibilities, but the
      principle remains intact


      Veda wrote:
      > I am new to this group, so I hope I am posting this
      in an apropriate
      > manner.
      > I fell compelled to bring into the concept "Can
      everyone be saved by
      > Gnosis", the Maharishi Effect. The Maharishi Effect
      (from same titled
      > book) states that it only takes 1% of the population
      thinking a
      > thought in concert to bring it to reality. If 1% of
      the humans on
      > earth would reach Gnosis and hold that knowningness
      in concert
      > everyone would be boosted to that realilty. This is
      also explained in
      > the book and scienfic study called "The Hundredth
      Monkey". So under
      > this premise, yes, everyone can remember Gnosis.

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