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who am i ?

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  • neo anderson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2004
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      >>well guys hi . i m new to this group .
      >>well i have many questions regarding the origin of humans i m not talkin about the biological things and all that .
      >>the gnosticism has a concept of the god which is without form i think i m not mistakin if i m then please correct me .
      >>u might have heard the story of sophia.
      >>and the concept of oneness in the christinity and hinduism
      >>concept of samsara in buddhism
      >> think of this whole world as a illusion and think that it is made of sensory perceptions of our desire.
      >>well i m goin away from the concept of uniqeness and the one god who has so called created us ( i m not offending anybodies feeling i think)
      >>and think that there is a demon who is there  giving us simulation to think that we are not what we think of and he is makin us think that we are part of this world and we are humans that have hands with flesh and blood is ur body and u have mind and all that .
      >>but if that is so then what are we
      >>this is my question
      >> think that we are a part of a program or part of a system
      >>then someone might ask the question that how can there be such a huge program
      >> but think that for one bit of memory the one gigabyte is as large as this universe is to us .
      >> the universe might appear to us a very big system but it is samll to the one standin outside controllin the program
      >>so one might ask the question then that why we are existing then
      >>our presence is the part of program for the program or system to keep runnin or fuction it should have some basic parts then tahts our function the purpose of our existance
      >>but i think that this explanation cant be sufficient to prove what i am sayin
      >> because no one can know who made us what was the beginning and whats our purpose of the existance because if we know our purpose of the existance we become useless so we are deleted that what we call sudden death or in hinduism called samadhi
      >>and when the purpose is over we get deleted called death or nirvana
      >>well i dont know anyone of  u like what i am sayin or not so please convey me what i am sayin is digestanble or if u could give me any anwer to my question that who am i ????
      >>so do mail ..
      >> thanks

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