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  • Kevin Houchin
    I m reading the book now. Entertaining Fiction is right. It s like a lite version of Umberto Eco s Foucault s Pendulum. It s easy to see why the church is
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 3, 2003
      I'm reading the book now.  Entertaining Fiction is right.  It's like a "lite" version of Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum.  It's easy to see why the church is not happy about the plot, since they are the villains and some of the probable truths about church history are made apparent.  However, the tone of the book tends to present some issues as factual that may be a stretch.  The lines between historic truths and contemporary fiction are blurry at best. 
      It's not an academic read, but it's an entertaining read.  And, if it makes a few modern Christians take a look at their faith and the history of the church and make a conscious decision whether or not to be Christian it can't be too bad. (I'm not saying they can't practice their spirituality through Christianity - just that one shouldn't practice BLINDLY).
      Enjoy the book. 

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      > Anyone know anything about the Divinchi Code?  All I know is that
      > of our deacons said not to read it.  That's reason enough to make
      > do it.

      Dan Brown = Entertaining Fiction


      Dan Brown = Man Careless with "Facts"

      Proceed at one's own intellectual peril.


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