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Re: Science/Mythology

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  • lady_caritas
    ... link to the article on metaphors . You re welcome, Paul. I found that whole website quite compelling. ... Religous conditioning also enters in --- the
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 26, 2003
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, Paul Kieniewicz <paulmmk@y...>
      > Belatedly, thank you Cari for your reply and for the interesting
      link to the article on "metaphors".

      You're welcome, Paul. I found that whole website quite compelling.

      >I accept your points, that scientists are not objective beings.
      >Certainly they are conditioned by belief systems and those do enter
      >into their research (the male vs female IQ a case in point).
      Religous conditioning also enters in --- the Darwinian universe being
      a strong (atheistic) reaction to the religous ethos of the 19th

      I find it interesting that many people tend to relate, sometimes in a
      reactive manner, in terms of black and white religious supernatural
      theism (god beings) vs. rational, naturalistic atheism, although
      there certainly are religious or spiritually inclined people who
      consider themselves atheistic or nontheistic as well as
      materialists/atheists who very much recognize the significance of
      both their rational and nonrational natures.

      > Another aspect of the issue is the extend to which modern myths
      come in scientific trappings, because that is what our minds relate
      to today. Flying Saucers and the Matrix come to mind. BTW, the"
      Matrix," and the expression "cyberspace" first appeared in the 1980's
      in William Gibson's novel, "Neuromancer" --- quite a wild book that
      also contains gnostic elements.
      > Paul

      Oh, wow, I keep saying I'm going to pick up that book. Has it been
      that long? lol No excuses; I should read it. I've heard enough
      about it.

      In that vein, considering your mention of Darwin, Gibson, "matrix,"
      and "cyberspace," here is a link to a collection of quotes
      ("Cyberspace – the New Jerusalem") about these terms you might (or
      not) be familiar with, under the following headings: Definitions and
      Origin, The Gnostic Mythform, The Platonic Matrix, Evolution or
      Entropy? ~

      Also, this lecture about cyberspace mentions Gibson, as well as
      Gnosticism ~

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