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Re: Gnostic Bibliography

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  • incognito_lightbringer
    The list at gnosis.org is excellent, but here s another I ve used http://www.hermeticfellowship.org/Bibliotheca/HFGnosticBiblio.html The best way to compile a
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 6, 2003
      The list at gnosis.org is excellent, but here's another I've used


      The best way to compile a comprehensive bibliography is to search
      yourself on new and used booksites and on internet search.

      Some tips: many authors on any list have written more than one book
      on the subject of gnosticism. So do a search by specific author to
      see what else they've written.

      Also, key words for searching by subject: gnosticism, gnostic,
      gnosis, nag hammadi, hermeticism, hermetic, early christianity,
      mandean, manichean, valentinian, sethian, and so on...

      This will bring up lists of current and out of print books. Many
      OOP's you can find on cheap on used book sites.

      Also, try looking by publisher. Leiden Brill is a reputable
      publisher of religious scholarship. For example, their 'Nag Hammadi
      Studies' series, but their books are a bit pricy. Many are out of
      print. A good place to find difficult to obtain Leiden is Het Oosters
      Antiquarium. Their email address is smitskamp@... , the
      website is http://www.oriental.demon.nl/

      Another thing to do is to take books you already have and look in the
      bibliography at the back. Authors build on other authors work and
      you'll find titles that are common source material for more than one

      New books:

      Used/out of print:

      Hope this helps!

      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "kpinitaly" <kpinitaly@y...>
      > To anyone who can help --
      > I'm working on outlining the trajectories of gnostic thought as
      > demonstrated in the NHL, and now that I have read many of those
      > works, I need to construct a bibliography of secondary materials
      > concerning gnosticism as it developed in the ancient near east.
      > Other than the list of works at the Gnostic Society Library
      > can anyone help me with a place to go for such texts and/or a
      > listing of them?
      > kp
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