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Re: quantum questions

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  • Mike Leavitt
    Hello Gerry ... Thank heavens he really hadn t gotten around to Gnosticism, or he would have thrown it in to. LOL. ... One of the church Fathers said I
    Message 1 of 97 , Oct 23, 2003
      Hello Gerry

      On 23-Oct-03, you wrote:

      > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, Mike Leavitt <ac998@l...> wrote:
      >> Actually I can see your point, but that book haunts me to this day.
      > And you wanted ME TO READ THAT BOOK!!! Thanks, Mike, but I have
      > enough difficulty sleeping. LOL

      Thank heavens he really hadn't gotten around to Gnosticism, or he
      have thrown it in to. LOL.

      >> Haven't even heard of him until now, but Pierre Telard de Jiardin
      >> (sp?), a Jesuit, tried to correlate evolution to Catholicism, as he
      >> was a Paleontologist. His own order tried to ban his books as
      >> heretical, oddly, Pope John the 23rd interceded on his behalf, and
      >> pronounced them not heretical. They should like Catholicized
      >> Theosophy, at least they did back when I read them, though the Pope
      >> was really right, because he always stayed just within Orthodoxy,
      >> even though he had the whole Universe evolving.
      > Even while I was writing last night about the pitfalls of one
      > discipline being dependent on another, or more typically, speaking
      > outside of its scope against the accepted truths of another, I began
      > to wonder how the Church has even withstood the test of time.
      > Considering our friend Copernicus whom we mentioned the other day,
      > and especially Galileo, it looks like people by now might have said,
      > "Yeah, whatever " with regards to proclamations that fly in the face
      > of reason.

      One of the church Fathers said I be.lieve because it is ridiculous, or
      words to that effect. Prophetic, I'd say. :-)

      > As you point out, though, even scientific findings change over time.
      > Realistically, I guess the best approach for each perspective would
      > be to allow some wiggle room for growth rather than relying on years
      > of "accepted" truths to determine the immutability of any "apparent"
      > truths, virtually excluding reasonable explorations into new
      > frontiers.

      Sounds reasonable to me.

      > Geez, I'm not really a Trekkie; I just sound like one on the
      > Internet. ;-)
      > Gerry

      Not really. You just needed a reality check to put it into
      perspective. You made some good points, IMO.

      Mike Leavitt ac998@...
    • Terje Bergersen
      ... As far as I can see, Walter Bauer is considered somewhat of a pioneer in the investigative genre of Early Christian scholarship - especially with the
      Message 97 of 97 , Nov 17, 2003
        > Interesting to hear it put that way - I haven't read Bauer (yet), so
        > Gnostic Gospels felt like an historian exploring new ground. Based
        > on her bibliography and notes, I at least had a sense that Pagels was
        > leaning on Bauer.

        As far as I can see, Walter Bauer is considered somewhat of a pioneer
        in the investigative genre of "Early Christian" scholarship - especially
        with the Comittee to which Pagels belonged (the Coptic Gnostic Library
        Comittee of scholars).

        Anyways, I was just butting in to inform the readers of this list
        that they can make their own mind up, without much trouble and without
        parting with money - Bauer`s chief work is online

        Walter Bauer: Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity


        Pax Pleromae

        Terje Dahl Bergersen
        Deacon,Ecclesia Gnostica Norvegia
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