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Re: A comment on the Consolamentum

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    Hey ely, you state..... The meaning of shakti is simply the Holy Spirit and if my use of the Indian term offended you I apologize. Offend? Oh my
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 19, 2003
      Hey ely, you state.....

      "The meaning of "shakti" is simply the "Holy Spirit" and if my use of
      the Indian term offended you I apologize."

      Offend? Oh my goodness... no. I guess I may some times seem a lot
      more harsh than I intend. You need to understand though, it is my
      job, and the job of the other founders, to keep things on track. It
      has nothing to do with personal offence, it is simply meant to point
      out the purpose of the club. Not every one here is able to translate
      eastern lingo into our specific context. Thus, we prefer that people
      use terms that make sense in the Gnostic venue.

      "Any insight that I offer is given in the spirit of fraternity that
      our historical Gnostic forefathers held in high esteem."

      In a way, that is exactly why we have tried to create a club that
      has some historical concern. For one, I don't know any other club
      that attempts it, but also it gives us something to chew concerning
      how similar or different we really are from these ancient people.

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