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Re: Magic and Ritual

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  • lady_caritas
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    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 14, 2003
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "John Gilbert" <john2002@a...>
      > Gentlepeople,
      > Ely wrote:
      > > I know nothing concerning magician rituals or magic. IMO the
      > > question that needs be asked is what must be done in order attain
      > > direct knowledge of God.
      > Ritual, magic, contemplation and meditation are a few of the things
      > that can be done in order to attain direct knowledge of God and
      > > IMO magic or the attempt to acquire powers (manipulate the
      > > structure for worldly gain) of any sort distracts one who aspires
      > > attain Gnosis and prolongs the journey home.
      > With all due respect, ritual and magic can be used for attaining
      > knowledge of The Source and does not need to be an attempt to
      > acquire powers nor to manipulate the Elementals for worldly gain. I
      > submit to you the following is ritual coupled with magic (quoting
      > from another post):
      > > The infusion of spirit (shakti) coupled with the hands on
      > > (laying on of hands) delivered to the sixth center (third eye)
      > > or melts the sixth seal and opens the passage way through
      > > After diligent practice (the wine press), consciousness is
      > > and gathered and the formation of the seed pearl occurs. The seed
      > > pearl which is also the morning star and the Christ child will
      > > stabilize, grow in intensity and eventually produce the blazing
      > > of God. At this point the bridal chamber is entered and the
      > > giddily awaits union with the beloved. The final consummation is
      > > event that is governed by the Grace of God and cannot be
      > > into occurring.
      > LVX,
      > John

      John and Ely,

      There is no doubt that you both have expressed methods or techniques
      that have meaning for you in your personal goal of attaining Gnosis.
      How would you compare/contrast, by means of evidence we have in
      scriptures, etc., your respective paths with those of ancient
      Gnostics, those groups of the late antiquities who found gnosis

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