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  • phinehas777
    ... appreciated. ... ********************************************************************** WARNING!! WARNING!! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!! WARNING!!
    Message 1 of 45 , Sep 5, 2003
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      > Also looking into sex magick, spermo gnosis and use of menses by
      >the early gnostics again sources and texts would be greatly
      > Thanks in advance for taking the time to feed my book lust.
      > 93 93 93
      > Peter Grey



      Okay folks, this may get a little "Gross", so if you are grossed out
      by the thought of ingesting body fluids - do not read any further!


      Hi Peter,

      This is very interesting, because a friend and I were discussing the
      use of Menses earlier this week! What a strange coincidence!

      We were discussing the early practice of consumption of Menses (not
      something I would suggest :D) and the use of Monoatomic Gold as a
      means of possible Astral Travel, or as we have heard (it allows the
      user to step from this realm into another.) I don't know for sure,
      because to be quite Honest - I'm leery of ingesting gold, even though
      I recognize that roughly 5% of our brains contain metals.

      He had read that a woman's Menses contains Melatonin, which I did not
      I've been using Melatonin for the last few years; not regularly, but
      at least 4 times a month I'll take it.

      Normally, I do not rememeber my dreams, yet it occurred to me that on
      the nights that I take Melatonin, I have dreams that are so surreal
      and vivid that it isn't funny.

      The OT declares that "The Blood is the Life", and Noah was told that
      they were NOT to consume blood in Genesis 9:4. At face value, this
      command was that man should not consume animal blood when the flesh
      is eaten, but there is no way to get rid of ALL of the blood.

      I may see if I can get Mick to join this list, because he has had
      some intensely deep studies going on recently. He told me he never
      understood why I always kept going back to the Gnostic studies, and
      then he began reading and researching and called me last week and
      said, "NOW I get it!"

      My own views are somewhere between Traditional Christianity, and
      Ptolemic Gnositicism.

    • Michael Leavitt
      ... There is more evidence that Valentinus lived than that Jesus did, yet when we consider the Gospel of Truth, well he might have written it but that is no
      Message 45 of 45 , Apr 27, 2006
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        Dorie Celestia wrote:
        > Hello Everyone,
        > I just joined this group hoping to fill in some of the "gaps" in my
        > developing cosmology. I grew up in mainstream religion and just 6
        > years ago broke away, and have been "spiritual but not religious" all
        > this time. I finally dropped everything and decided to go within and
        > see what I believe in my innermost being. After that, I began to
        > search the web to see if there were any others who think like I do "in
        > there", and lo and behold, I find the Gnostic writings to be very much
        > in agreement.
        > What I haven't decided yet is whether the figures in these writings
        > are literal historical figures or not. I was not to question their
        > historicity in mainstream religion, of course, but now I'm free to
        > think for myself and read all sorts of things that cast doubt on it.
        > These people in the gospels coincide exactly with Astrotheology, the
        > study of the Zodiac for spiritual purposes, but I also understand and
        > believe that it's not so much whether there is someone "in the flesh"
        > delivering the message, as the spirit of the message itself. Has
        > anyone else grappled with this and how did you resolve it? Right now,
        > I could go either way, and usually do! Does anyone know of resources
        > where there has been proof found for the authenticity of these gospel
        > figures? Has Kersey Graves' books been discussed here? I have read
        > them, and not sure what to think anyway about the actuality of the
        > people involved.
        > Very best regards,
        > Dorie
        > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
        There is more evidence that Valentinus lived than that Jesus did, yet
        when we consider the Gospel of Truth, well he might have written it but
        that is no means certain.

        M. Leavitt
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