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Re: [Gnosticism2] Mithraism's Mesaiah vs Christian's

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  • Terje Bergersen
    ... Circumference everywhere, centre nowhere.. ... Gnosticism isnt a religion proper and will never be approved or recognized - to be so, you must affirm
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 28, 2003
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      > ok, I know this is off topic.(blame marea. she started it:)
      > how many HQ's (pure curiosity) are there, gnostically speaking?

      Circumference everywhere, centre nowhere..

      > I mean. is it actually a recognised, like, religion?
      > aniweis..

      Gnosticism isnt a "religion proper" and will never be approved
      or recognized - to be so, you must affirm the status quo
      and don`t ask questions which are "unsound" to the audience..
      If any "Gnostic" organization claim they are tax deductible,
      and really need your money to buy conference stadiums, or for
      that matter suggest that everyone move and kibbutz out into the Jungles of
      South America.. I`d say that chances are there aren`t one of them
      that will know what is going on or down..
      Let me put it this way: we have - A:
      There`s Gnosis. B: There`s an largely unconscious substructure of what
      corresponds to the ancient Gnostic myths..in our Psyche and in our culture
      - there is some evidence that
      certain ideas, even in the concrete form of scriptures, cannot be
      repressed long enough to be entirely neglected..
      C: There are many individuals who have experiences and insights which is
      directly relevant to Gnosticism.. and nowhere else.

      I began discovering the relevancy of Gnosticism or the Gnostic orientation
      to my own experiences when I was 15, thats 15 years ago.. and I hear
      stories similar to mine from others all the time.

      I am not quite sure when Gnosticism started to revitalize itself in an
      organized form - but it exists, whether you like it or not - the Gnostic
      Church of France began in the 1890`s and lives on in different forms today
      (could be some 20`s of denominations Worldwide.. America has several, at
      the very least) , we also see much independent and less "concrete"
      manifestation of the same.. Ecclesia Gnostica can`t claim to represent
      either the correct form of the older revivals nor classical "Gnosticism"
      in the capacity of an "orthodox" or "authorized" Church, and.. does not.
      I`ve heard diatribes about it, but it doesnt stand up, since not a word
      has been breathed that anyone in EG or involved with EG considers this to
      be the case. The Gnostic Society is a study and learning organization
      seeking,questing for insight in the area where Gnosticism meets other
      traditions and our experiences as moderns..which has been going for 75
      years, prior to this there existed similar institutions, during the
      Renaissance there were several such in evidence as well.

      UNESCO recognizes Mandaeans as a culture,etnic group *and* religion
      ,if you are looking at a successfull, more or less, continuum of
      Gnosticism which has survived, look no further. The Cathars, if they
      can be called "Gnostic", also have contributed a great body of
      doctrine,practice and discipline to several lesser known movements which
      has survived to this day.. and there are apparent revivals going.
      The *etnic* constituency of St.Thomas Christians considers their religion
      a Christendom that includes a Gnosis which has been lost to the other

      In the terminology of "orthodox" religion and "orthodox" ideology
      (Conservative,Capitalistic,nominal Communistic/Marxist,rationalistic etc.)
      "Gnosticism" connects more to the attributed historical result of the
      enthusiastic beginnings of "Gnosticism" or the "Gnostics" - it "failed",
      because it were nonsense, because it did not agree with or conform with
      the standards and beliefs of the emerging orthodox Church nor the Roman
      Imperial State and its "approved" cults.. so "Gnosticism" is generic, in
      that terminology with any endeavour, usually of an
      anthropocentric,individualistic and vaguely mystical or creatively
      mythological nature - doomed from the onset to "fail", with or without the
      assistance of a well-honed inquisition or other apparatus..
      Whatever the situation, the Gnostic themes will remain on the outsider
      status, as Alternative - because the business of near all ideologies and
      religions are presently to preserve what has been upheld for the bother of
      it.. since grandfather Jones did.. Only by "flakes" and "outsiders" and
      "freaks" - or genuises who arent found out to be flakes,outsiders and
      freaks before its too later.. seems to have contributed to the literal
      *continuity* of the dissemination of Gnostic ideas...

      Pax Pleromae

      Terje Dahl Bergersen
      Deacon for Capella Santa Sophia, Ecclesia Gnostica Norvegia
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