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  • Don Tipton
    Hi Rodney & All: (Tip) As a student of the Hebrew Old Testment I must say that the litugy and mesages of Paul the 13th Apostle is repleat with his own
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      Hi Rodney & All: (Tip)

      As a student of the Hebrew Old Testment I must say
      that the litugy and mesages of Paul the 13th Apostle is repleat with
      his own policies, and his adverse feeling about the original
      apostles some of whom were illiterate, remains obvious. After
      arranging the deaths and persecution of numberless Christians, he
      all of a sudden has a vision and thereby transformed into the most
      viable of all Jesus followers. As in the Hebrew Old Testament,
      pseudipigrapha is the term to describe most of the stories, liturgy
      and rationale presented, being written and alleged as the work of an
      original master. (Apostle, prophet or major figure) The work is of
      course the effort of scribes that paraphrase the words of their dead

      Having traveled the Middleast at some length and interviewing
      the original editors of the Dead Sea Scrolls, professors John
      Strugnell & J. T. Milik I must say that the UN-Ordained Judaic
      Priesthood did a wonderful job of changing the name of Abraham's God
      El Shaddai to a more managable name of yahweh, and destroyed the
      only Priesthood ordained by Moses, that of Aaron. Credit to the AD
      Gnostics that their views differed a bit. I've written two books
      about this subject. "A Tale of Genesis" and "The Mizpah", dealing
      with the traditions, culture, lifestyle and religion of the Hebrews
      and others of the middleast.

      Best regards,

      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "wvdog61" <wvdog61@7...> wrote:
      > I don't know about everyone else but I'm really enjoying the on-
      > going discussions. I'm new to the Gnosis, but my life is changing
      > a result in ways I would never have dreamed possible only a year
      > One thing I've noticed about my gnostic fellow - seekers is an
      > almost palpable excitement regarding the Gnostic scriptures,
      > especially the Nag Hammadi corpus. While I think this fascination
      > understandable I find in studying the extant material from our
      > forebears (especailly those of the Valentinian school) that they
      > were quite obviously deeply in love with what we now refer to as
      > the "New Testament", or at least the greater part of it,
      > the four gospels and most of the letters attributed to Paul and
      > they commented at great length on it *and* the Old Testament. To
      > the least I find their exegesis breathtaking. When I first read
      > Heracleon's treatment of Christ's encounter with the woman at the
      > well in St. John's gospel, I found it so beautiful I was moved to
      > tears (literally!!! ha!).
      > I just wonder if there are any of you out there who are skilled in
      > either Hebrew or Greek who are ready to take up the ancient task
      > commenting on the sacred texts, especially those found in
      the "Old"
      > and "New" testaments. It seems to me that Gnostics were, in those
      > early days of the Church the true "pathbreakers". Heracleon, for
      > example, wrote, so far as anyone knows, the first commentary on
      > of the gospels. I have a copy of Adolph Harnack's "Outlines of the
      > History of Dogma" wherein he refers to the Gnostics as the
      > first theologians.
      > Just some thoughts on the subject; I suppose I was just wondering
      > it was just me or if anyone else would like to read something
      > similar?
      > Maybe there are works like this available by living, breathing
      > Gnostics and I've just missed them. If anyone knows of any, please
      > let me know!
      > Peace,
      > Rodney
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