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Re: Gnostic Philosophy... A newby, here to learn more....

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  • Raven Skydancer
    ... become ... earth ... things ... spirit, ... [father, ... who ... Yet ... degree, ... very ... do ... is ... recognizing ... a ... Antiquity ... Hi Cari...
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 9, 2003
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      > > >
      > > > From _The Gospel of Philip_,
      > > >
      > > > "People cannot see anything in the real realm unless they
      > > it.
      > > > In the realm of truth, it is not as human beings in the world,
      > who
      > > > see the sun without being the sun, and see the sky and the
      > > and
      > > > so forth without being them. Rather, if you have seen any
      > > > there, you have become those things: if you have seen the
      > > you
      > > > have become the spirit; if you have seen the anointed (Christ),
      > you
      > > > have become the anointed (Christ); if you have seen the
      > > you]
      > > > will become the father. Thus [here] (in the world), you see
      > > > everything and do not [see] your own self. But there, you see
      > > > yourself; for you shall [become] what you see."
      > > > Cari
      > >
      > > Thank you again Lady_Caritas, Cari... Wlliam Blake, English, 1757-
      > > 1827, "artist, poet and mystic..." My kind of a guy, smile.
      > > As I said, "I'm not an intellectual" however, I do enjoy people
      > > are...
      > >
      > > Thank you for "Philip", I read the words and I am not sure what
      > these
      > > words mean. When I see the Marvels of the Universe through the
      > myopic
      > > view of my limited intelligence... I am one in spirit with the
      > > univese as I know it... Like in Spiritual Alchemy, I raise my
      > > vibrations and become something more precious than I was before I
      > > changed, just by seeing and feeling the Joy of it all... But, is
      > > that "being"? Is that a becoming of the same things I see?
      > >
      > > My God Self within, whom I call "High Self", we speak often one
      > with
      > > the other, everyday... I realize that I am not the Son of God,
      > I
      > > am... I address my High Self as Father, He calls me Son... Yes, I
      > > know this might all sound quite spooky or Spiritual... Like the
      > > Divine Paradox, "... while the universe is not, still it is." It
      > is
      > > said, "In Mental Transmutation, the mind(as well as metals and
      > > elements)may be transmuted, from state to state, degree to
      > > condition to condition, pole to pole and vibration to
      > vibration..."
      > > The Kybalion... a text alleged to be far older than the "gospels"
      > or
      > > the "Old Teatament" for that matter, dating back to the days and
      > > writings of one Hermes Trismegistus, Hermes, the namesake of
      > > Hermeticism, also known as Thoth of ancient Egypt.
      > >
      > > Please bear in mind, I only know of these things, I do not KNOW
      > these
      > > things... but from where I sit, in my world, they come from a
      > > credible source... If it be proper to call my within, Inner-Self,
      > my
      > > God Self within... a "credible source". Smile
      > >
      > > I simply share with you a small segment of my Spiritual Path. I
      > > not mean anyone should follow my path, follow your own Path, it
      > > the right Path for you...
      > >
      > > May we each walk in beauty...
      > >
      > > Namaste, Sky
      > Hello, Sky. The Gnostics did not view the material world as
      > the "realm of truth." There was a distinction between corruptible
      > matter and incorruptible spirit. We physically might "see" the sun
      > and sky and earth, but our physical selves do not "become" them.
      > When we have "seen" or become acquainted with the "spirit," or
      > the "anointed" or the "father," within ourselves, we are
      > our true self, as we "become" what we see and are no longer
      > spiritually blind. We don't see it if we don't experience it. At
      > least that's my take on it. Others might have differing
      > interpretations. Elsewhere in _The Gospel of Philip_ we find, "If
      > blind person and one with sight are both in the darkness, they are
      > not different from one another. When the light comes, then the
      > person with sight will see the light, and the blind person will
      > remain in the darkness."
      > Sky, you might enjoy the book, _Gnosis and Hermeticism from
      > to Modern Times_, edited by Roelof van den Broek and Wouter J.
      > Hanegraaff. Also, here is an essay by Stephan Hoeller,
      > tracing "Hermes and Hermeticism Throughout the Ages":
      > http://www.gnosis.org/hermes.htm
      > > Cari

      Hi Cari... Thank you for the assist with "Philip"... I appreciate
      your take on it... and your honesty regarding how others might have a
      different Take on the same words...

      I find words to be very difficult when it comes to explaining the
      Spiritual, but very handy when one wishes to tell a cute joke, smile.
      Someone said, "We are spiritual beings living a human experience."

      I will look into the Book, Gnosis and Hermeticism from Antiquity. And
      I am familiar with some of Stephan Hoeller's work... I will check the
      URL. Thank you for that...

      Namaste, Sky
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