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Re: Theosophy and Gnosticism

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    That whole post was dogma. So, when does this non-dogma principle kick in? PMCV ... you a vegetarian? ... Unfortunately, their starting point is already wrong.
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 5, 2003
      That whole post was dogma. So, when does this non-dogma principle
      kick in?


      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, Martin Khoury <martin12617@y...>
      > Howdy, Mike and all!
      > I didn't know that, Gnostic Gorilla - that's indeed amusing. Are
      you a vegetarian?
      > Gorillas are.
      > To your comment: I disagree with the Theosophists, Mike.
      Unfortunately, their starting point is already wrong. Starting with
      the assumption that man is superior, can only lead to such limited
      and incorrect conclusions. They think they invented something by
      saying, anything below in the hierarchy (what hierarchy, the one
      according to the bible?=> "Man is given dominion over all creatures
      on the earth ..." thanks a lot!) to ascend the latter upwards. They
      applied then a to me obscure intelligency test and ended up with a
      tough selection: Dolphins and probably cats yes, but not cows or
      mice. The Theosophists were humans, who grew up with the old ignorant
      thinking and were experimenting on so called occult phenomena. Their
      results are remarkable, but the wrong presumption was never erased,
      and so infected their results.
      > Why? Possibly, because the spirits they communicated with, the
      gurus etc., from where they have much of their wisdom, were Beings
      which wanted to reach out to humans and intended to reach us on our
      plane only; actually where else, when we know only our plane? Also,
      why should the guru bother, if the recipient is obviously not
      interested in the subject matter at hand. What I am saying is this:
      Theosophy has a high complicated system of what constitutes man, soul
      models and so on. Yet, their science remains man- oriented and
      therefore limited. In this regard, one can hardly call it universal.
      > Mating patterns they call it in Spring. Just patterns, and
      instincts. I wonder what animals would call our socially prescribed
      customs regarding dating and so on. I think sometimes, we are the
      most ridiculous creatures. We just clothe things in fashioned terms
      and think we reinvented the world. Somebody will always have to be
      left out as inferior. This is how superiority is established and can
      survive. The majority of scientists says animals act mainly
      instinctively. Yet, I see them doing exactly what we do. Mating,
      caring for the offspring, collecting food. Actually, I view animals
      with a curiosity nowadays, to see to whom they pray and when they
      attain gnosis.
      > The realization of our common trait is obscured too by the orthodox
      concept of free will. What a shameful statement: It must have been
      made by the most ignorant person, ignorant of his/her own necessity
      to eat, sleep and reproduce. Good morning, this is obviously not
      within the free will scope and only few would deny at least this that
      we have to eat, that we fall asleep if we stay up for too long, and
      that we have an insane urge to reproduce. Gnosticism fortunately
      takes the opposite stand and reveals man as being a prisoner here on
      earth, subject to all possible tortures and limitations, the
      necessity to eat, sleep and reproduce just to mention few. Doubt is
      also casted on the concept of free will, when we take reincarnation
      seriously. Lastly, our bodies are full of seasonal and fluctuating
      levels of hormones. Who can then tell me we have a free will without
      being ignorant of all these matters?
      > Actually, now that you mention it, Mike, for all these reasons I
      think and urge Theosophy to review its doctrines based on this error,
      and abstain from unfounded anthromorphic presumptions. There is no
      reason, why man should be superior on this earth or as the orthodox
      proclaim in this one universe. We have to attack our arrogance and
      ignorance. We should not forget that man makes too often his
      presumptions based on the evidence and testimony of the physical
      senses. This external cognition then is evaluated by the Ego. Sadly,
      because we know already that the Ego cannot afford us too much help
      in attaining transcendent wisdom, i.e. attain Gnosis and this should
      be our warning if we are serious about making this life complete.
      > Martin
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