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not of this world but still in this world

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  • martin12617
    I would like to know please, if someone experienced any revelation of the kind I describe. I don;t know what has taken place already, while I am still here
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2003
      I would like to know please, if someone experienced any "revelation"
      of the kind I describe. I don;t know what has taken place already,
      while I am still here in the body. My life goes on as previously,
      although I have a feeling of having made it already. I don;t want to
      sound arrogant. But it's a feeling one has after graduation.
      But something occurred, I at least hope that something happened. I am
      actually sure something happened, but I dont know as to what.

      I only first pondered about life, and the creation and the current
      condition. I affirmed my stand mentally with a vivid picture, and
      then again affirmed. I perceived the world through the eyes of a
      Gnostic and I did it thoroughly.

      Soon enough,it came to me that the Ego must be, maybe only the
      current most real experienced persona of the Ego(as there are many)
      to be more precise, must be "suppressed". How did I do it? By looking
      behind the curtain. By realizing that one is not even here. (that I
      am not even here) Pretty odd thought, I don;t know why it came to me.
      Then I asked: where am I, if I am not here, evidently contrary to the
      physical senses. (shows that the Ego, or persona with its sensation
      aspect would not appreciate any other reality)

      Then I understood that my presence, my body and my persona are a mask.
      I viewed through them, literally.

      I am someplace else; this was a liberating moment. I laughed. I
      laughed at all moments, in which I was afraid and terrified. I was
      not even there. The battle that was going on was within the psyche.
      Yet I was not given where this locality is.

      After the curtain was lifted, two things happened. Knowing then
      that "me" was not here, I realized that the reconciliation with God
      or that what we aspire to, can only take place when this other part
      of us acts, not the Ego or persona. But this was not enough: I did
      not just meet something or somebody, eventhough the feeling was
      liberating. I was now assured that I made it. Good work done! I
      asked really? My initial frowning turned into more confidence. Maybe
      I was not such a nasty fella after all. ( I use again and I dont know
      why, the allegory with the curtain and the graduation: After it was
      lift, I felt free. Then I received a handshake, not a hug to be
      truthful. And an assurance that you have battled and stood but now
      it's ok, as if the rest of my life was useless...)

      The course of events had its climax too. Again, I don;t know what
      occurred on the spiritual level, but psychologically, I can reiterate
      that knowing and having this understanding that a part of me unknown
      previously, simply by realizing I am not here where I am standing, by
      showing behind the curtain of the persona, was accepted and rewarded
      (!), I was lifted up high. It was not a state of diziness ... for
      this feeling is heavy. It was a feeling of I have to say,
      The mind was "sucked up" in a channel of curl and yet it was so
      light. The skull was not a limit. It was radiant. But I had no clear
      vision. I explain only the emotional part of it. So light that I felt
      afraid. My feet were on the ground, but I was afraid I was not
      touching it anymore. Afraid again of what was taking place, I pushed
      the feeling away, grounded it, not forcily, for it went away by
      itself after I left it.

      How can this experience be reconciled with the Gnostic teachings?
      I am in good physical and hope also mental health.

      If this was gnosis, I did not have a revelation of where I came from
      nor where I am going. But I understood that a part of me is someplace
      far away and this part was rewarded, and then I felt the feeling of
      uplifting and transcendence. I appreciate any comment that can help
      me to understand my experience. Thanks, Martin
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