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    ... Well, you may be right, Martin, in saying that one of us is in the wrong club. However, since I am one of the founders here, and one of the people who
    Message 1 of 11 , Jul 3, 2003
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      >>>I think one of us is in the wrong club.<<<<

      Well, you may be right, Martin, in saying that one of us is in the
      wrong club. However, since I am one of the founders here, and one of
      the people who chose exactly what the topic of this club is intended
      to be.... that wrong person would have to be you.

      >>>I think you limit the purpose of the "club"<<<

      You are absolutely right Martin, I do limit the purpose of this club.
      The club has a specific purpose which the co-founders and myself have
      created, and we are not going to change that purpose to the
      discussion of Nascar, or Scooby Doo.... I am sure there are already
      clubs for that.

      >>>I think Gnosis, Gnosticism is a very broad subject with certainly
      common elements.<<<<

      Well, your definition is fine for you. However, for this clubs
      purpose the term "Gnosticism" refers only to the word as it was
      coined by the scholors who have been instrumental in it's creation.
      Just as we are no here to talk about Nascar, we are not here to talk
      about alternative layperson definitions of what "Gnosticism" is....
      there are already other clubs for that as well.

      Think of this club as a seminar format university class. There are
      the professors who teach the class, there are visiting professors who
      contribute a great deal, and there are the students who are allowed
      to interact as long as the class stays on topic. This club is like
      that university study format. The club has a stated purpose, it has
      acceptable an inacceptable subject matter (and behavior), and anyone
      who is here is here as a guest based on their interest in the subject
      at hand, and thier presence is at the discression of the person who
      is running the class.

      So, you may now be asking "well, what is the subject then?". The
      subject is specifically to deal with traditional (historical) forms
      of that academic invention called "Gnosticism" as well as how they
      effect our modern selves.

      You do raise a point that is on topic....

      >>>The reincarnation you are right I admit not a universally followed
      doctrine or concept within the traditional Gnostic traditions.<<<<

      To some extent we have come across this topic a few times. There are
      mentions of transmigration in Gnostic (and realated) sources, we have
      debated the possibility of metempsychosis as well. There are no
      mentions that I can think of where "reincarnation" is talked about in
      Gnostic sources though (maybe I have forgotton one somewhere). So,
      not only is it not a "universally followed doctrine", I question
      question if it is a doctrin that any Gnostic group believed in.

      However, this does not mean that a modern person is not justified in
      thier personal belief. But, there is something more. An interesting
      subject could be whether reincarnation can be reconciled with the
      notions of spirit seen in various Gnostic sects. For instance, the
      belief we see in some texts that spirit is something put on, like a
      vest, as opposed to an innate quality in every human. To take that
      idea to it's conclusion would make reincarnation a very difficult
      juxteposition (since those without the spirit would simply die, and
      those with the spirit would have laready found "Gnosis" and thus
      achieved release from the world) Aother example would be the
      Manichaean belief that spirit holds no memory, and that it is
      recycled. This would make the "past life" experience impossible.

      Anyways, I am not forwarding any specific theory myself, merely
      pointing out how reincarnation certainly cannot work with all forms
      of "biblical demiurgy" movements. Surely there were some that may
      have believed in it though.

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