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Re: Nag Hammadi codexes

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  • Gerry
    ... Nag ... is ... As you pointed out earlier, we live in a literal world, and the suffering is real. The allegorical message of the story, whether there s
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 27, 2003
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, incognito_lightbringer
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > <<I've seen alleged Gnostic groups that can't seem to see
      > beyond
      > their bleeding savior. It's as if they've witnessed people
      > using the
      > word, and have purloined "gnosis" in their rhetoric as a
      > means of
      > somehow demonstrating the immense degree of their conviction . .>>
      > Well, there's a problem here then. Because the bleeding savior and
      > the bloody cross and the bloody sacrifice are present in a lot of
      > Hammadi codices. If it's allegorical, something's still suffering,
      > like you for example. What Pistics don't explain well, or at all,
      > the metaphysical "why", which can get very complicated. I'm not
      > saying I do either.

      As you pointed out earlier, we live in a literal world, and the
      suffering is real. The allegorical message of the story, whether
      there's any truth to the story at all, is all I need to learn a
      lesson from it.

      > <<I understand that 1+1=3.
      > I'm acquainted with a Potato Salad recipe that calls for NO
      > potatoes
      > (BTW, it's delicious).>>
      > Is it non-fat and organic?
      > Don't get zen on me here Guatama! There's enough confusion as it
      > Seriously, I've been giving some thought to your old lady's tea
      > which sort of fits in with the above and the whole faith
      > How does someone "prove" gnosis to you? How do you prove your own
      > gnosis to someone else? How do you verify a vision or a revelation
      > a mystical experience? How do you verify someone else's claim?
      > would you even want to?* Is the reality of it dependent on others?
      > Maybe this is what is meant that each will stand alone or as one
      > (can't remember the exact quote).
      > Here we've got all these historical prophets and they keep getting
      > persecuted and murdered. If there's a second coming you know the
      > rollers are going to be driving the first nails in. For all you
      > Jesus is popping in on old Mrs. Brown for a visit during tea time.
      > What happens when you have your own experience, are you going to
      > to "prove" it to someone in order to accept it for yourself?

      As you mentioned a person of blind-faith doubting their conviction
      was anything other than genuine understanding, this is exactly why I
      see a need for critical thinking in our perspective.

      It's not so much a matter of determining what lies behind someone
      else's perceptions, or figuring out how to explain our own to
      another. Where it becomes most beneficial is when we have the
      ability to question our own understanding for no one else but

      BTW, the Potato Salad recipe was more of a misnomer than a koan.
      Take your favorite recipe and substitute cooked cauliflower for the
      potatoes——hard to tell the difference if you make a good dressing.

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