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  • Gerry
    ... Actually, Wayne, I had already forgotten the title of that book when I wrote that post to you. Those few comments by the author which I referred to as
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2003


      Reply to message #7298:


      >>Although, I agree that the name of the book is a bit strange.It is the very improtant finding. Do you know why so many spiritual people emphasis on Free-Will. Do they really understand free-will and why free-will is so important? I doubt very few people will understand.<<


      Actually, Wayne, I had already forgotten the title of that “book” when I wrote that post to you.  Those “few comments by the author” which I referred to as prompting my impression of the book came near the end of the web page you cited—not from its title.  As I alluded, there was very little at that site that would make me even remotely interested in reading the author’s work.


      So there were a lot of referrals there—So what?  Seriously.  Even if there were scores of people telling me how much they loved or enjoyed it, it would convey absolutely nothing to me about what the book is about.  If that were all it took, my shelves would be full of such “classics” as Dianetics and the complete works of Neale Donald Walsch!


      Instead of finding some sort of summary or other glimpse as to the book’s content at that site, as I told you, I found only numerous questions raised.  When I ask you directly for its relevance to Gnosticism, you raised more questions.  That wasn’t exactly helpful, Wayne—questions on top of questions—but seeing how you prefer to define Gnosticism in your reply to PMCV, I see how you might have perceived some sort of relationship.  


      What I fail to see, Wayne, is why you felt a need to post a second message that included another link to that same site?  Surely you could have referred to the book by its name.  I figured it was a continuation of your previous response, but the entire message seemed oddly out of place.  My question was answered when I eventually discovered that same message of yours posted at other sites between yesterday and this morning.  Ya know, I could swear I recall discussion recently that spamming was frowned upon here.  My tolerance is growing unbelievably low on this issue, and I’ll expect you to respect that policy from now on.  “Discussing” something here does not involve sending what might be regarded as junk mail or generic form letters.  I truly appreciate that members occasionally run across something that greatly moves them, it happens to me as well, but when people are bombarded with the very same message, it strips it of the personal relevance it was meant to have in the first place—and that, on top of the already terribly impersonal medium of Internet communication.


      As for that particular post of yours (#7299), I see that PMCV has already noted some of his concerns; I’d like to point out one of my own:


      >>Look at these two statements.
      I believe God exists.
      I know God exists.
      They are different.<<


      Yes, they are indeed different.  The problem is that the person who makes such claims is not always aware of that distinction.  I’ve known faithful literalists, and even mainstream Christians who were not fundamentalists, who would be equally comfortable making either of those statements.  Conversely, I’ve known atheists who would boldly assert the negative just as quickly.  If you take a good look around the Internet, you’ll encounter yet others who adamantly claim similar “knowledge” and “understanding” when, in fact, they are clearly schizophrenics suffering extreme paranoia and delusions of grandeur.  Not to belittle the psychiatric profession, but sometimes it really doesn’t take a DSM-IV and a Degree to make that assessment—just reading a few disturbing posts may be all that is necessary.


      IOW, using such simplistic criteria to demonstrate what IS or IS NOT Gnostic is hardly practical in a real-world application.  People claim to “know” all sorts of things.





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