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Re: Sethian Gnostic Baptism

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  • lady_caritas
    ... Ernst, would you care to expand on this statement? Cari
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 13, 2003
      --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, ernststrohregenmantelrad
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > IMHO, I don't think Mandeanas are Gnostics in the present guise.

      Ernst, would you care to expand on this statement?

    • incognito_lightbringer
      Hi Gerry, I ve been busy. Did you manage to rent The Saragossa Manuscript? And try to find No Such Thing out on video/DVD late last year. Also, can t
      Message 2 of 10 , Mar 21, 2003
        Hi Gerry, I've been busy.
        Did you manage to rent The Saragossa Manuscript?
        And try to find "No Such Thing" out on video/DVD late last year.
        Also, can't remember if I mentioned Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
        We've to do a gnostic music post sometime. We can start with David
        Bowie and Ziggy Stardust.
        One of these days I've got to compose my own Gnostic composition and
        put it out there without attribution, just to see if it rocks any
        boats ;)

        --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, "Gerry" <gerryhsp@y...> wrote:
        > --- In gnosticism2@yahoogroups.com, incognito_lightbringer
        > <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > > Can you give a source for this? I enjoyed reading it and wondered
        > > where you got it from. You titled it "Sethian Gnostic Baptism"
        > it
        > > seemed like a composite of several gnostic texts. It paraphrases
        > > parts of several Nag Hammadi codices such as Origin of the World
        > and
        > > The Second Apocalypse of James and the Sophia of Jesus Christ and
        > so
        > > on (I included these below). It was also similar to parts of
        > > Sophia. There's probably more but those are the ones I recognized.
        > >
        > Well hello there, Incognito. I wondered where you'd disappeared to.
        > As for the seemingly paraphrased post, I think your instincts and
        > research are probably right on target. Whenever something like
        > is posted, with neither contextual commentary nor attribution of
        > authorship, it's unlikely that you'll ever see a demonstration of
        > provenance from classical sources.
        > Considering the subject of this piece in particular, I'm reminded
        > similar ones I've seen dumped at other sites which lead me to
        > someone is interested in propagating an air of authenticity for
        > own "Sethian Gnostic…" compositions. When such a thing is posted
        > here and there, forwarded elsewhere and inevitably referred back
        > I suppose it eventually gets around to the point that the
        > unquestioning take it as genuine. If that assessment is
        > I'd love to see someone take responsibility for these works.
        > BTW, I finally got around to taping _Vanilla Sky_ a few nights ago,
        > but have been holding off on watching it 'til this weekend——Am
        > to have my eyes opened!
        > Gerry
        > P.S. I've been sitting here for a while doing my own sleuthing
        > this question of yours, and now I see you've posted another
        > specifically for me. Let me get back to you on that one——Breakfast
        > is calling!
        > Ger
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