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Land of the free, home of the brave, Yeah sure...

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  • sILK
    Hi me Silk: I wouldn t be going around peeing in my pants about the greatness of america were I you, do some honest soul searching. ... From: SILK To: Haves
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       Hi me Silk: I wouldn't be going around peeing in my pants about the "greatness of america" were I you, do some honest soul searching.
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      From: SILK
      Subject: They made a mess of it all & then some!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      From: vain <devilsbrew7@...
      The "Haves & Have nots & the lottery of Life........

      {A Few Items left out of the State Of the Union}
       Hi me Silk: This is going to boil some blood & so it should.
      Americans are so proud of America when they should [perhaps] be ashamed. They did a bad job with all they had to work with plus all the experience to draw on from past civilizations (Europe et. al) They diminished what they encountered rather than enriched it, they have not lived in harmony with what they encountered as the Indians before them did, they took rather than gave & for that they will surely pay! Isolated from the rest of the world & left alone (no War on their soil except the Civil & that was again their own internal squabble) with all those natural resources & that rich virgin land & look what they've sewn! Here we have immigrants from all over the world with all that information, experience & talent & look whats become of America! Again I say It was a bad piece of work all things considered. Sure they can claim to be the richest, most powerful & advanced country in the world but at what expense? It would be a miracle if they weren't top 
      dog given all the advantages they began with! The candle burnt out long before the legend ever did! Lets not forget what befell other once powerful nations (Rome or even the British Empire ect) Sure a bright burning candle will "out Illuminate" others not so intense but will not outlast them. Tortoise & the Hare all over again. All things considered I do believe that the people  (all of them) in Holland have, net wise, a higher standard of living than those in America. Americans are overfed & undernourished. How many people in America have no access to medical or dental care? How many people in America are living on the street with nothing to eat? Just look at the military budget & the amount spent to help the poor! Of course there's more profit in
      "military things" N'est-ce pas? There's not much profit in helping the poor, sick, homeless &  hungry. It's the american way! Every man (woman & children, sick & infirmed & elderly) for themself! It is wrong, Period! But Americans are (very conveniently) weaned on  "don't complain" or be a cry baby (weaklingly) just roll your sleeves up & with a little elbow grease you can accomplish "Anything" you set your heart on!" Can't the vast majority of Americans see the dishonesty & trickery in all this. The "haves" greatly benefit from the masses following these oh so unfair unwritten rules. America, land of plenty where so many ain't got any! If any one criticizes America Americans are trained to straight away fly off the handle & attack & denounce that person, they are not trained to listen & ask themselves whether or not there just might be some truth in that criticism oh no, this would never do, & the "haves" will have none of it! Henry Ford, one of the "Fathers" of "The American Way" used to say of the workers "Give um just
      enough, never more when less will do!" I'm not advocating revolution here, why should I care when the Americans themselves don't seem to?! I'm just stating a point of view, I do not have to live there [thank god]. . They the, "power mongers", (power elite), for their own caprice, have got the people policing themselves in the name of "The good ole American Way! And don't you dare complain or allude to the travesty of this "justice" because in many, many ways can you be brought to book, punished & put back "in your place" without anyone ever lifting a finger, thats how subtle though effective is the nature of the system. It has developed a sadistic personality all of its own! America Home of the Free, Land of the Brave! The haves & the have nots, both made of the same "stuff", after all aren't we all members of one big family?. The family, society, mankind. One species, one big family albeit always with the wrong members in charge or control promoting values never in the best interest of the majority. Not utilizing the families possessions, the heritage of the past, the natural resources & its people equitably for all concerned. The father works & brings home his paycheck. The government, a larger father, also works & also brings home its
      paycheck, namely taxes. Now what to spend these paychecks on. Presumably we can all agree to first things first but what are those things? Naturally in the immediate family of say seven members should one of the children need a new pair of shoes we can agree that the brother should forego a new basketball. Should the younger brother have a toothache & require dental treatment I believe we can all agree that this takes precedent over his isters request to go away for a week on holiday with her friends. So the distinction in the immediate family is obvious while in the larger family of man it is not so clear cut. Though in reality the same principles should apply, first things first. If the "right" members were in control of the earths human family it would & should be managed just like the immediate family as easily it could. Who prevents this "just system of equality" from coming to be. A few bullys who have by hook or crook gotten hold of the countries purse strings & power base thats who & the best interests of the people are not their main concern! That many suffer hunger & sickness while others live in the lap of luxury & waste with impunity doesn't seem at best very humane or moral especially when there is no acceptable reason for this
      profain scenario other than the offered up "let the best man win", an
      irresponsible remark often heard in America which upon examination unveils a bully employing underhanded tactics! "Let the best man win". The best man seldom if ever wins, the ego maniac with an overgrown inferiorty complex of inadequacy that demands to be filled does. The one with no scruples willing & eager to stoop to any low degenerate level to get what he wants. He is no hero! The king, dictator, president or what ever the bully wants to refer to himself as being announces to his subjects "we", meaning them & not him, "are going to have to tighten our belts for a while as these are indeed lean times!" One bright philosopher in the crowd upon hearing this sacriledge leaped up & said "we don't mind tightening our belts but not around our necks so that you priviledged few can continue to enjoy your lavish life styles at our expense while our children starve so you can bask in your unessential luxuries!" Needless to say this one in a million was not heard from again. One can only hope that as nature carries on with her unfolding
       plan that she will cull this personality type [the Greedy & indifferent] out of existence though we must bear in mind that mother nature is not doing things with mans well being as the focal point of her activities therefore she may choose to keep the greedy ones around, god forbid! Let the best man win, ok but first lets make sure the contest is fair & that all of the contestants start out from the same vantage point & that they all encounter the same sets of obstacles & above all lets make certain all those competing for the same thing are endowed with the same equal "god given" abilites or do you believe it's fair to conduct a hundred yard dash between a quarter horse & a snail. Based upon the indiscriminate doling out of attributes by mother nature no contest can ever truly be fair & that is why competition is vile & should only be for recreational purposes & never a thing upon which the outcome would determine literally poverty or riches, life or death. If you had two sons & the fifteen year old was small in physical stature, kind, studious & timid & the thirteen year old was very big for his age, a loud, selfish, obnoxious bully without conscience, would you place them in a contest where their daily bread would be the prize & that the rules were of
      such a nature that the one willing & able to do "whatever it takes" would be the winner. Land of the free, home of the brave. And then after the thirteen year old had won you would applaud him as a hero, one to be admired, a son to be proud of? And then take the bread from the timid fifteen year old & give it to the thirteen year old who already had more than enough & this action condemning the fifteen year old to starvation. Would this you do? I think not. Obviously if a child is born into a family which can provide it with food, shelter & access to medical care & education & most important is the abscence of mental trauma which the prescence of these factors insure against & avoid & another child is born into a family which cannot similarly provide these most crucial & vital elements is it then fair to place them in a contest & "let the best man win"? Poverty breeds poverty. That vice never goes unpunished nor virtue unrewarded seems true in reverse. Abuse of the
      innocent & helpless does indeed, more often than not, seem to pay off. A medieval philosopher & tutor of royalty, [princes] Machiavelli, instructed them to "do as you please" as there is only one person in a million who will stand up to you if that! Just think of the times when the "harvest" was bad & as a result untold, unfathomable numbers of human beings die of starvation. Well, I will bet that if you inspected every rich mans barn at the end of that lean period you would have found enough "surplus" grain to have saved all the lives that were lost through malnutrition & its accompanying diseases & all the other ills hat naturally flow from the desperation hunger precipitates & induces. Everybody could at least get enough to eat if it weren't for that blessed nuisance greed! There is certainly enough available to feed all. That it is not allocated & distributed, well thats another kettle of fish & at the heart of the matter. That it's withheld is due soley to the meanness of man pure & simple! Money, now there you have a brilliant invention which was designed to enable & insure the smooth & vital movement of the staples & neccesities of life & to create conditions that they might more efficiently flow & to make them more readily available. Ironic, as it is actually the only thing that makes the acquiring of them often impossible because if you can't offer it up you get nix be you a starving child or a sick mother of ten or an 80 year old woman on the street. The land of the free the home of the brave! The good old christian ethic, never give away something which wasn't worked for & never mind that there is no work or they be helpless children, the eldery & the sick or anyone for that matter because as "everybody knows" charity demeans
      the recipient! "There just lazy! Give them a handout, never! " Yes, the "just christian ethic" mean, hard, unscrupulous & unjust in its pursuit of "whats right"! Because as "everyone" knows, it's not right for anyone to receive anything they haven't worked for! Amen. I can't overemphasize this concept, no one for any reason should have a crumb or a penny more than they need until everyone has at least at bottom line what basic & bare survival requires! From that point on, if then, the dog eat dog struggle can continue & those dogs who want more than they need can engage in their vicious "honest competition" without harming anyone nor taking food out of the mouths of babies & the millions of other utterly helpless thru no fault of their own. Never forget for one second that the only difference between the "haves & have nots" is due to the lottery of life! Naturally such a psuedo free market system based on greed is tailor made for the bully & tilted in his favor because in such a system the one with no compassion, nor scruples will fare the best. This is why the system is mostly beneficial for the few & that of course is wrong. The system should be slanted towards the many, without leaving the meek dying on the vine. It's no different than if you had ten children. Two are bullys six are middle of the road types & the last two are timid. Are you going to allow the bullies to gain control, which they easily could, of the food and such, taking the best & largest portions for themselves leaving what they didn't want for the eight to compete for which was inferior & barely enough for six at that! And the hell with the timid two who would be left to starve. Would you permit this. Certainly not. A decent humane system must take into consideration all of the members & never allow a scenario to develop where all is tilted in favor of the most brutal & piggish! When a horse pulls a greater load than a sheep do you feed the horse better according to his needs & the sheep worse according to it's requirements. No, they both do the best they can & get treated equally according to their needs, the horse perhaps fed more because of his size but not better. You sure as hell don't give the horse the sheeps portion after he has already had his complete meal
      just because he was a glutin who could never get enough! And this is exactly whats happening in the world on a larger scale of course.
      Incidently, how is it that we are able to produce as we do & that we have available all these goods & services? Is it not wholly on account of the
      heritage of the past knowledge & achievements, the accumulations of
      societies thousands of years in the contriving passed down & found ready made to our own hand. How did we come to possess this vital knowledge & machinery which represents nine parts donated & passed on by our ancestors to one, if that, added by ourselves! We have inherited it have we not? Therefore when it comes to all of the earths natural resources & the heritage of the past are not all men equal inheritors, joint heirs or are there some "specials" entitled to more & if so why? And the poor, what has become of their share of this inheritance & their "cut" of the natural resources? No one for any reason should ever be entitled to a "second helping" until everyone has had at least their first. In a decent humane society "all" should be equally shared & certainly not monopolized by the brutal & piggish who seized it through bullying & intimidation! Many on this planet are compassionate, gentle, decent & honest souls who are not
      viciously aggressive & a scenario should not ever exist where they are
       placed in a contest, for the necessities of life, against the brutal without
       conscience. Where the extent to which one was willing to stoop to low degenerate levels of unfairness determined victory. In this world with
      temptation to lie & cheat for fear or favor or thirty pieces of silver,
      where jealousy & envy are spawned in fertile ground, humanities ancient dream of liberty, fraternity & equality stood no chance. The frantic & calamitous clawing for the needed & desired. The fear of want, the lust for gain. Where the generous, just & tender hearted were placed at such a disadvantage by the mere possession of such qualities against the cruel, greedy, cold hearted & self-seeking. With the conditions of society operating to develop the brutal side of man would we ever see what unperverted human nature was really like. And none dare call it treason!                                              chao/Silk
    • Gerry
      ... the greatness of america were I you, do some honest soul searching. ... This is sort of a trick question since I already know the answer, but Silk, could
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        --- In gnosticism2@y..., "sILK" <smbc1@w...> wrote:
        > Hi me Silk: I wouldn't be going around peeing in my pants about
        the "greatness of america" were I you, do some honest soul searching.
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        > From: SILK
        > To: Haves & have nots.........
        > Subject: They made a mess of it all & then some!!!!!!!!!!!!
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        > From: vain <devilsbrew7@p...
        > The "Haves & Have nots & the lottery of Life........
        > {A Few Items left out of the State Of the Union}
        > Hi me Silk: This is going to boil some blood & so it should.
        > [...yadda, yadda, yadda]

        This is sort of a trick question since I already know the answer, but
        Silk, could you tell me it that message really has any purpose being
        posted here?

        I mean...at least Dimi's recent spam, in spite of some of the
        peculiar links therein, was somewhat pertinent to a discussion of
        religion and critical understanding. Yours, however, is completely
        off the mark. Improve your aim or choose another group. Whoever
        intended to "boil some blood" merely got you placed on "moderated"

        Now aren't you glad you caught me on a good day?

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